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The Secret World: The City Beneath Us Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The City Beneath Us Guide / Solutions

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The Secret World: The City Beneath Us Guide / Solutions Scorched Desert Prerequisite: A Time For Every Purpose   The Secret World: The City Beneath Us Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: The City Beneath Us Guide / Solutions
Preceded By: “A Time To Every Purpose

Note:  This is also the mission which will start the process of getting the whip!  Scroll down for that section!

The City Beneath Us - Mission Start


Tier 1

Objective:  Learn about local history and possible dig sites

Head to the bar at coordinates ( 560 , 449 ) and that to Zhara and ask about Local History.

The City Beneath Us - Local History

Tier 2

Objective:  Find the door that leads to the Atenist dig sitwe

Head to the location marked on your map, coordinates ( 469 , 324 )

Click the door to enter the Al-Meraya Foundations

The City Beneath Us - Door

Objective: Explore the excavation

The City Beneath Us - Tunnel

Keep to the left, go through the hole in the wall, kill the bad things, move down the passage until you come to the side mission “Know Them By Their Works” on the right side.

You’ll get a phone call….

Objective: Move deeper into the excavation site.

Just follow the path, killing things along the way.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to loot the Atenist Excavation Supervisor, as it will give you the starting item for obtaining The Whip Auxiliary Weapon!


Objective:  Bring Said to the Time Tomb

You’ll need to click on Said to get him moving.  As you advance further down, your mission will update.  Just keep working your way through.

Objective: Find and acquire the Ark

Hop across the gap into the room in the back, and notice the symbols behind the barrier. You’ll see a creature behind the barrier.


To open the barrier, Copy the symbols on the platform on the floor , you need to be quick about it as they will reset. See the image below.

The City Beneath Us - Floor Puzzle

Kill the beasty, then head to the left behind the broken stairs to find some lore!

The Breaks In Time, Lore #5



Now with your lore gotten, this is where things get more interesting!

The Whip – How To Get It!

While in the room with the Ark and the lore, you’ll see a large doorway on the right side of the room.   Take note of this location.  You can go check it out now if you wish, but you’ll need to return back here after you complete “The City Before Us”   You MUST have the whip from one of the Atenist Excavation Supervisors to do this next step, so before you complete the mission, make sure you have one in your inventory!


Go back, grab the ark.


The City Beneath Us - Ark

Objective:  Return to the Time Tomb.

Approach the Time Tomb and Said to complete the mission.

Leads on to “The City Before Us

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  • Firerat

    Grr… I beat this stupid issue but forgot to jump through the right hoops to get the whip. So I can’t use the thing I dumped SP into until three days from now. Hooray.

  • My friend is Upset because You are misleading folks and have to wait 3 days because they left the instance BEFORE they dropped off the whip as illustrated in your video….please edit it it without your final comment of “We will return to this in the nexrt segment”..thanks

    • Sorry your friend had issues, but between the written guide, and the video, the steps were outlined fairly well. Even in the video, it was mentioned a few times to not forget.

      Can’t help everyone I guess..

  • Agelastos

    The snake needed for the “It Didn’t Have to Be Snakes” achievement can be found at 437, 502, near an anima well and next to a dead cultist.

  • galsjfjsd

    249,340 xp from handler communication
    25,000 Pax Romana
    one green signet reward bag
    3 Credits of Ca’ d’Oro
    68 hour cooldown

  • Nyahmi

    I couldn’t beat the bug in front of the arc. It healed itself too quick. However, after I ran away, I ran around the bug and picked up the arc while it hit me a couple of times and was able to complete the quest.