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The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions

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The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions Scorched Desert Said - (457,529) [The City Beneith us Mission]   The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions
Preceded By: “The City Beneath Us

Tier 1

Objective:  Enter the Time Tomb

Tier 2

Objective:  Find a functioning ark in al-merayah’s past

Head into the door on the left, you’ll see a panel with 3 items – I solved it with bottom right, top, then bottom left, but your milage may vary.   There are a few puzzles like this throughout the instance, a bit of patience and just clicking till they all light up will get you through.


Next up, the floor puzzle!  If you look across above the door and on the pillars to each side, you’ll see symbols light up.  These symbols represent the ‘safe’ tiles on the ground.   So try to move in step with them when they change.  It may take you a few tries, but it isn’t too hard, remember, you can jump and move diagonally, but try not to hit non-safe tiles.


Once you make it past the floor puzzle, same as before, I don’t recall the order I used to solve it, I just started clicking until they all lit up.   It isn’t too hard.



Once through that door, you’ll head up some stairs to yet another door puzzle.   Again, just click furiously until it opens!



You’ll finally get to a larger room with a custodian in it, he’s not your friend!
The goal here will be to fight him to low health, AWAY from the door at the back of the room!   When he gets to low health, he’ll enter a little ‘heal mode’ which will pulse out a knock-back every 2 seconds, making it difficult to solve the door puzzle behind him if you drop him too close to it.

Ideally, pull him towards the start of the room and fight him there.  It may take an attempt or 2 at the door puzzle since it can be a pain, but overall, it isn’t too difficult.



Tier 3

Ok, now this is where things FINALLY get interesting!


You’ll see familiar sight from the previous mission, but this time, we’re in the past, the same door way on the right is our first goal!

The Whip – How To Get It!

Walk in there to be greeted with a floor puzzle.   Now, you MUST have the whip from one of the Atenist Excavation Supervisors to do this next step.   I’ve solved the floor puzzle in the image below, however, it is pretty simple.  Pay attention to the first row of symbols, then simply follow the path of those through to the end.


When you get to the end, use the Anima Infuser – the Whip will be removed from your inventory.  Don’t worry, this is normal.


Now leave the room the way you came and continue the mission!

Objective:  Take the functioning ark!

Swap it to the broken one…

Objective:  Escape the trap

Just run back the way you came…  Oh, and mind the boulder!

Objective:  Bury the functioning ark in a safe palce

Head to the location on your map, which will be up the path outside.  Just follow it around until you get to this location..


Objective: Return to the present

The Whip – How To Get It! Continued…

From here, you should be back in the present.  Head back to the room you placed your Whip in the Anima Infuser.  Solve the floor puzzle once more, and open the chest at the end.   Congratulations on your new toy!

Objective:  Recover the Functioning Ark

Head to the location on your map.

Tier 5

Objective:  Find the boldest driver in the desert

Exit out the tunnel, head to the location on your map, it is marked on Nassir.

Leads on to “The Last Train To Cairo


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  • Don

    Hi, sorry for my english in advance. I’ve found the lore 1 in the mission the city beneath us near the anima in the start. locatio exact 551, 492 in a smal passage.

  • 2nd lore is on train.

    • Shuralath

      Lore #2 is found during “A Time to Every Purpose”, atm I’ve done all except the “Last Train…” mission and only need Lore #6 so I assume that’s the one on the train (Edit: it is).

  • Shuralath

    This mission seems buggy with two people, couldn’y both place the dead ark, one had to then escape then the second person die and do it. Then only one could bury the ark and the hotspot vanished while it only counted for the person who buried it. The person with credit leaving triggered both leaving whereupon the one without credit could go back in and bury their ark. All doable but messy.

    It also appears that only one person can deposit their Atenist Whip at a time. Once they’ve picked it up the other can then go back through the Time Tomb to deposit theirs, come back out and collect it. All the puzzles will have reset when the second person goes back in though.

  • Amadahy

    “Mind the boulder.”

    Really? How’s about “To deal with the boulder…” 🙂

    • Amadahy

      Nevermind, would help if I watched the video. I usually don’t, relying on the write-up. 🙂

  • Ciri

    The 2nd lore is located in this instance. Its in between some rocks as you go up the hill to the 2nd anema well. Jut go down the the stairs, go left and follow the ‘road’ up the hill. Once at the top, near anema well, turn around like you’re going back down and jump up on the right rock. It’s down in the crevice on the right.

    • Luxy

      You made me fucking waste so much time. Lore #2 is at 312, 545 behind the Time Tomb in present real world.

      • If you are going to be rude, at least be right, but you are not. Ciri is correct, there is indeed a lore in that location exactly as described.

        • toafarmer

          but not lore #2, which id where the rude guy stated. the other one would be #1

          • If that jackanapes is collecting all the lores then he needed that one too, which he clearly did not know about or he would already have collected it and know which it was, so my comment stands.

  • Edit: well I went back to present time. Let everything reset. went back in and did the puzzle correct but it still will not open for me.

  • wergvaiop

    199,470 xp for handler communication
    one green signet reward bag
    3 Credits of Ca’ d’Oro
    20,000 Pax Romana
    68 hour cooldown

  • Shuralath

    Might be worth noting that if you want to you can get multiple whips (and so not need to keep changing signets for diff uses).

  • Nienor88

    Anyone noticed the Doctor Who reference?

  • Door codes:
    1st door – Click upper middle and bottom right
    2nd door – Click upper right, bottom left, upper left
    3rd door – Click upper middle, bottom right, bottom left and upper left
    4th door – Click upper right, middle right, bottom left and middle left

    • Degor Neto

      Thank you orlando 🙂

  • Nyahmi

    Fiery Floor trap: the left column only contains ‘7’ and ‘II’, except for 2 ‘III’ in the 5th & 6th rows. I waited until ‘II’ showed, then when ‘7’ comes on, then just sprint & jump from the 4th row. This takes some patience waiting for this special sequence, but it was much less frustrating than getting repeatedly roasted.