The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Madam Roget   The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution

This mission is the 3rd part in a chain, please see “The Meowling”  and  “Crossing the Black Path

This is a dungeon mission, which is the end of the Halloween Event Mission Chain.  It is advised to bring a friend or 2!

TSW - The Cat God - Mission Start

Tier 1

Objective:  Enter The Portal – Memory of Stonehenge

Someone – or something – seeks to claw an ancient horror out of the dark.  Travel into the sacred circle and stop the summoning ritual.

TSW - The Cat God - Portal

Once you enter the Stonehenge Instance, walk up the path, you’ll see Samhain Lore #3 along the way.

TSW - The Cat God - Stonehenge

TSW - The Cat God - Cat God

As you approach, you’ll begin a fight with the ‘Cat Sidhe‘ around the perimeter, after they die, you’ll engage ‘Irusan’

Watch A Video Of The Fight

Tier 2

When the fight ends, the mission advances to Tier 2, and a cut scene plays.

Objective:  Check back on Madame Roget

The reward for completing this mission?  The amazing “Kellas Kitty”  (He has Portals!)



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  • Soloed the Cat God instance with Blade/AR build. Takes a bit of kiting the adds around the platform he is standing. Adds can be pulled individually. Used Anima burst/Shot of Anima/3RB most of the fight. Slotted SoH but never had to use it.

    • Excellent! Good job! How long did it take you to finish it?!

  • If you’re looking for a quick way to get to the stone, /reset and choose the Sacred Site anima well. Saves a lot of running.

    • This is a good tip. Death travel is some times the only way to fly!

  • Mal

    Thanks so much for the all your guides. I probably should have watched the entire video before attempting to solo that naughty boss but everything worked out in the end. I was able to use a hammer / AR build (VDM%-%6347465%-%6377941%-%6861221%-%7494903%-%6377895%-%6837251%-%6814909%-%7760095%-%6378211%-%6378206%-%7080596%-%6839136%-%6942477%-%7080929%-%6347548%-%7760093) I would have been better off putting in three round burst instead of my usual suppressing fire but I wasn’t sure what I was going to face in there. Gear was mostly 10.2 with one minor healing and one minor health item. It did take a bit of time to finish him but luckily there doesn’t seem to be a enrage timer. 🙂

  • mmark

    I used the air to finish the quest line, but didn’t magically know I needed a group to kill the boss. Now the portal is gone. How do I re-summon it?

    • If you completed the previous quest, wandering back over the the place where the portal was will make it reappear.

  • Simon84

    Just attempted this solo with an AR build using Anima Shot, 3 Round Burst, Red Mist and Shot of Anima to top myself up. Took out the kitties no problem and got Irusan down to approx 50% and got deaded on the next round of kitties. Was litteraly just holding down strafe and left and the kitties couldnt land a hit, but on the last one just didnt have it right and he was able to take me down. Same tactic against Irusan just kept strafing around him and he never landed a hit. Am in all QL10 blues dps with QL10 blue AR.
    Long long fight like this but will leave it till friends are on later but I think I could go all the way.

    • Nice! It is much easier and much quicker with more people. I wouldn’t have the patience to solo this fight!

  • Aggronaught

    Can be soloed, just takes time; the adds are where almost 100% of the damage comes from, you can easily dodge boss’ AOEs. Soloed it as Chaos/Blade DPS, took me around 10mins total…had to use 4-5 healing pots. (I was also waiting for healing pot CDs on the last add phase as there were quite a few of them)

    • Awesome! I want video of people solo’ing this to toss on the guide. If anybody has the means to record reasonable quality video, let me know!

  • Nostram

    Soloed with AR/Claw, just used cauterize and surgical steel to heal, pretty much spammed hip fire and three round burst for everything, throwing in red mist when there was time. Took a lunch break in between sidhe cat rounds, kept myself entertained by literally playing cat and mouse with them around the alter, seeing how long I could keep them turning back and forth around it before they reached me.

  • Chamiel

    I soloed it with a Blade/Chaos DPS Build (mainly “Afflicted”)….if you pay attention and stay away from the Sidhes, you can heal yourself with bloodmagic everytime Irusan takes a break – and after every fight with the “Sidhes”. The Potions will be happy 😉
    That means, if one can kill “1” Sidhe alone, (s)he can solo Irusan too…

  • Word of warning. Knockback resets the boss. Took us over 45 minutes. Didnt realize until the last round the reason for the resets. I was hammer with a passive playing dps, thankfully i didn’t have defense gear on. Still made it almost impossible.

  • I soloed it with a blade/caos build that uses one major healpart, three minor tank parts and the rest (2 major+head) dps parts. freanzy type attacks and passives that give health when using freanzy attacks and also standard issue tanking passives. After 4 adds the healt is usually low, but you get that back while punching the boss.

  • T0k3nz

    First time I jumped in to help a group of 5 without even having the quest yet, but I felt bad cuz they kept looking for 5th. Cleared it in just a few minutes seeing it clearly didn’t need 5 people. Helped 2 other pairs (so groups of 3) did it in around 5 mins. Did it solo with AR/fists- used surgical steel and empathy to heal. (Note: empathy/surgical steel is great healing combo for solo work) Used mostly hip fire, grenades and red mist as possible. I also pulled the kitties one at a time outside of stonehenge so that I could nuke em without hitting other kitties. If you do this strategy- make sure you kill the last kitty inside the stonehenge or you will get leveled by the boss when he appears. I learned that the hard way! Pulled each kitty alone, worked the boss down by circling. Solo took around 15 mins- a little slower than I would have hoped.

  • KiZ

    Just done this tonight, so the 2013 version and all I got for a reward was a treat bag with some lousy sweets! Everyone else got the tentacle cat and clothes, is this normal or did it screw up?