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The Secret World: Slaughterhouse Nightmare Boss / Dungeon Guide
The Secret World: Slaughterhouse Nightmare Boss / Dungeon Guide

The Secret World: Slaughterhouse Nightmare Boss / Dungeon Guide

The Slaughterhouse Boss / Dungeon Guide


First Boss: Psychoassailant

First boss is simple. Just tank and spank. When adds come up, you need to pull the adds out of there electric cloud. This can be done with Chaotic Pull or Domino. Once they are pulled out they need to be burnt fast since they reset aggro frequently. Throughout the fight the boss will put Frost Grapple on the tank which will slow/hinder him. This cannot be interrupted or cleansed. One bonus to this skill is Tank takes less damage and can dodge or charge.


Second Boss: NKL-107

For this fight all DPS stand in front of the pillar, where the boss stands during blue phase. The healer has to kite the adds around a pillar while healing tank. The tank just stands with the boss in the middle and moves during blue phase.


Third Boss: Obyeckt 279

For this fight you don’t need a healer. Have a Heal Tank and 4 DPS. You need to focus only on the boss and burn him fast. This is a DPS check and you will fail if you can’t burn him fast enough.


Fourth Boss: Cybulski

For this boss you need a Tank, Healer and 3 DPS. He randomly casts Electro Bomb on a target which the healer needs to pop a shield of any sort from blood tree. Blood shield or Hematic Rites are the easiest and fastest to activate. Cold Blooded can help when you have to LoS the boss. Only other skill he does is a AoE during middle phase. Do not have the scientist run until this skill is over, they sometimes get scared back into cover.


Fifth Boss: Coming Soon


Sixth Boss: Coming Soon

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  • WMSkyfall

    Thank you for posting this.

  • ArdRi

    As an update to psychoassailant from GroupW, Templar Cabal.

    Lightning balls will light in sequence, beginning with the farthest from the entrance. Recommend Tank use a charge upon entering and immediately pull aggro. (allows for greater reset to charge) Tank can stay near center as first ball completes its charging, as the middle begins we recommend the tank hide behind the first set of computers, nearest to the entrance. Break LOS with the boss if necessary and use charge, dodge or Death from Above if afflicted with Frost Grapple.

    When second lightning ball completes its charging, the first mini bot will begin to activate. We recommend the tank wait until it begins its 5k volt and then use either Chaotic Pull or Domino. Tank should be ready to target mini bot for the interrupt and then be able to grab aggro on the mini-bot before it goes after the healer or dps.

    We recommend that once aggro is established, the tank run and break LOS again behind the opposite set of computers, towards the exit. The mini-bot should follow. Tank can use a charge or Death from Above to move quickly to the psychoassailant after the mini-bot has shut down.

    THe mini-bot towards the entrance will generally activate at this time. Again, using Domino or Chaotic Pull, the Tank shuts down 5K Volt and establishes aggro immediately.

    Maneuvering from the lightning charge and behind computers can be repeated as dps bring the mini-bot down.

    • ArdRi

      Add to this that dps should switch focus from boss to mini-bot after the tank has established aggro.

      And that psychoassailant has a 10K Volt cast, which appears to be a dps timer. DPS must be full on psychoassailant during first phase to prevent its activation.