The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution London Morninglight Tend   The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution

You must have completed the mission ‘ The End Of Something ‘ to be eligible for this mission.

This mission is picked up from the Morninglight Tent in London

TSW Resplendent Wisdom

Tier 1

Objective:  Find the wild Resplendent Quetzal in Blue Mountain

I found it at (409,121)  it’ll circle the area there, it’ll also have a vertical green beacon you can clearly see from a distance.

TSW Resplendent Wisdom

Objective:  Protect the Quetzal from the Secret Keepers

Follow the bird around, Secret Keepers will randomly spawn.  Kill them.  Be sure to loot them for “Mayan Remains“, If you’re lucky, you can get the 5 Mayain K’ins needed for ‘Harvesting The Sun‘ Mission

TSW Resplendent Wisdom

Lore #4

End of Days Lore #4 ( 321, 161)

After killing 15, the mission is complete.  You’ll get Mayan Remains as a reward.


Check our information thread for more missions and details about the “End of Days” event.
The End of Days Event Consolidated Information 





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  • Grrr

    ATM, good luck seeing this bird and if it ever does spawn on your dimension, you must fight others for mobs to get kill credits for the quest.

    How many time will FC make this same old mistake, making a small amount of quest mobs spawn, that don’t share, that every single person in the games needs? /facepalm

  • Grrr

    From Whale Watch to the north a bit along the coast is a second confirmed spawn location.

  • I have been running all over the zone and haven’t found anything yet. And I have been to both locations mentioned.

  • jazz

    I’ve seen it several times at the northern end of Azeban span, then it goes inland down the slope and under the bridge, turning north again

  • badgerAlum

    Just ask to join the raid when you get to Blue Mountain. Likely there is a farming operation running on the bird at any given time.