The Secret World: Patch 1.4 – Consolidated Information
The Secret World: Patch 1.4 – Consolidated Information

Complete Information and guide to
Issue #4: Big Trouble In The Big Apple

With Patch 1.4 The Secret World is getting a bunch of new things to see and do!
Bookmark and return to this page often, we’ll be linking to the new guides and content as we release them!

Here’s a break down of what we know and what we’ve seen so far!

Latest Testlive Patch Notes

New Missions

Investigation Missions:
New Action Mission:
New Lair Missions:

These will be “wave survival” mission in the lairs!  More details coming soon!

  • The Last Strand: Kingsmouth Town
  • The Cover-up: Savage Coast 
  • The Whole Truth: Blue Mountain 
  • Up In Smoke: Scorched Desert 
  • The Black Pharaoh’s Guard: City of the Sun God 
  • Restoration: Besieged Farmlands 
  • Kreep Rush: Shadowy Forest 
  • The Shipping News: Carpathian Fangs


New Auxiliary Weapon

You can check out the new active Chainsaw Abilities in the video below!

New Social Features

Check out my quick walkthrough of the Albion Ballroom Theatre and some of its features!

New Combat Feature

  • Reticule Targeting


The First Raid

No immediate details available.  As soon as we know more, we’ll add in everything we can!

Opening Cinematic

Raid Entrance

Random Radio Chatter Inside The Raid

First Boss Attempts: The Unutterable Lurker

So there you have it!  We’ll be keeping up on the updates like always!  So check back as more details as we update the information on the site!

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  • Animaniac

    There are 3 lore and 10 backdrops and theatrics that need to be acquired for the theater across all the zones. Do you have someone working on that part of the Opening Night event/issue guide?

    • Actually, no, we don’t at the moment.

      • Animaniac

        I did get a Transylvania backgrounds drop from a nurse during a run through the chainsaw mission, but that’s all the info I have,

    • Volaric

      Everything was unlocked on Testlive so we didn’t get a chance to look into this yet. If you have details, please post them here =) Otherwise, we’ll work on collecting that information tonight.

  • Theatrical Backdrop: Moonrise can be purchased from the Council of Venice Envoy in the Carpathian Fangs for 75 Sequin of Transylvania. Coords: 711, 678

  • Bofors

    Got a transylvania drop from a bog ghoul in Shadowy Forest

  • Scott

    Hey guys, I know my computers specs and i know the system requirments. My questions is with windows 7, 32bit and 2gb (3 and change with the trick) will i be able to run the secret world at a playable rate? I meet all specs but that one and i am ok crashing once an hour or less but will the game run? Has anyone tried this? Thank you in advance for any help, I really want to play this game and even when I upgrad my memory it either over clocks my pc or it dosnt regester i expect its the 32bit windows…