The Secret World: Nameless Days Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Nameless Days Guide / Solution

This mission begins when you find one of the Harbinger bosses in the world and target it.  


Tier 1

Objective:  Find a way to weaken and destroy a Harbinger of Nameless Days.

They are located  in

Savage Coast, near:  (300,764)    2200000 Health.
Scorched Desert, near :   (613, 290)  
Shadowy Forest, near:     (    )

You’ll need one of each rune below, to remove the shield on the boss.

  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Carapace
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Mandibles
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Wings
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Exterior
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Core
Have the tank use the runes, and build stacks of weakness on the boss before DPS starts to avoid disaster.
Ideally, if you’re lucky, you’ll be part of the zerg in that zone.  Doing any damage to the boss, as long as it dies, will complete the mission for you, but will NOT unlock the achievement.
The achievements for these bosses are currently bugged, at least they seem to be for most people.   As long as you’ve completed the Nameless Days mission, the GMs should be able to help you. 

I hope to get this updated as soon as I’m able.  In the mean time, any and all contributions from you guys in the comments below are welcome and can help people who arrive on this page with questions!  


 Feel Free To Fill In The Blanks Or Pieces I’m Missing!


Check our information thread for more missions and details about the “End of Days” event.  The End of Days Event Consolidated Information 

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  • Arcane

    The Nameless Days mission appears when you click on a Harbringer
    Tier 1 is: Find a way to weaken and destroy a Harbringer of Nameless Days
    Found my Harbringer in Scorched Desert wandering in the South close to Agartha Entrance

    • Getsurg

      I killed one but it didnt registered in the acheeve list wierdly

      • RobertoJiji

        Same on Savage cost, validate uest but not the monster

  • Hey

    Found mine in the Savage Coast just by the bridge (to the south of it)

    • harvey

      miskatonic bridge?

  • jadebone

    you get this quest on completing ‘the final countdown.’ you have to find the ‘bosses’. I found one in the scorched desert. (619, 293) it looked like a huge mud golumn. He had a shield. it seemed like we got though the shield by using ‘Charred mayan rune’ and the 4 mayan rune chunks. (but this is just a guess)

  • The Runes are used as debuff to the bosses

    all 5 runes have to be used to debuff the shield of the boss. No Plan needed to craft or something like this

  • jadebon

    it dosen’t seem to be enough to kill the boss; you have to be part of the people who use the mayan run fragments to weaken the boss.

  • Develic

    I dont understand a thing about this quest.. But where do I get all these runes? And what shall I do with the monsters that spawning towards me? And what do I do with mayan remains?

    • Honestly, I’m just as confused at the moment. Since the event is a cluster f**k on live at the moment with stacks of people farming endless spawning Mayan zombies, and achievements not counting as they should, I’ve logged off and decided to give it a little time to settle down.

      I apologize for the delay on getting this guide done, but right now, my patience for it just isn’t there. I still welcome comments and contributions from those with the patience and ability to get something to happen on this mission!

  • Billybob

    FYI: Runes are random loot from the Mayan remains (which you get from killing mayans )

  • tiddles

    Does anyone know what the respawn time is?

  • jadebone

    I marked the path of the harbinger in Savage Coast.

  • jadebone

    FYI it seems killing harbingers is slightly bugged. you can pick up the quests, complete the quest, but it doesn’t count for achievements.

  • SQS

    You need one each of the 5 blue runes to drop the shield. They can be clicked by a single person or in total by several. The green charred ruine has no relevance; it makes your own Mayan zombie spawn go faster and auto-aggress, for farming.

    The Savage Coast Ak’Ab Harbinger will dash for low damage and has an attack called The Precession during which it spams large blood circle AOEs around that will kill you quickly. Currently I have no confirmed info regarding the other two.

    For ALL of the Harbingers, the process is: (1) The tank aggresses while the shield is up. (2) Quickly, 5 runes clicked (one of each) to drop the shield. (3) Tank re-aggresses. (4) DPS opens up when the tank has good aggro. A blue “instance shield” should go up to inform you that you have the encounter running properly. Your group will be phased out from the regular environment until you kill the boss or fail, though you can re=spawn and zerg it as usual..

    If the healer or a DPS grabs aggro before the tank, the boss can go into random attack mode; the blue instance screen may not go up, and the whole thing can bug.

  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    The hordes of Mayans that spawn in your face anywhere you go in BM and other zones drop Mayan Remains.These Remains must be right-clicked to reveal their contents. The 5 types of Runes you need to remove the Harbinger’s shield drop from those Mayan Remains, as do several types of blue Mayan weapons and the K’in tokens you need to purchase the Mayan clothing and pet from the vendor in the new bar in Darkside London- the Robe costs 55, the hat costs 35 and the pet costs 155- so you will need 200 K’in tokens to get all 3. The Remains also drop Charred Mayan Runes, which, when used, cause the hordes of Mayans to spawn more profusely and to auto-aggro onto you instead of standing around waiting for someone to bash them. This effect lasts until you die, which will be when the first “big-bad” Mayan with 277k HP spawns in your face and 3-shots you for breakfast. You can’t run from them either; they are as fast as you are and have a ranged attack that kills you quickly as you run away screaming like a little girl “DADDY MAKE THE BAD MAN GO AWAY!” Do not ask me how I know this.

  • CorinTack

    So, a bit of information about these mobs:

    1) The one in Transylvania patrols very close to the agartha portal (almost on top of it) and then all around the zone, but he moves from the portal to the road and seems to follow it to the ruined city full of Deathless.
    1a) This guy has an Exhale the Void attack that leaves filth on the ground. It’s easy to get out of the way for the tank, but a lot of people were having trouble seeing the filth on the ground – it wasn’t showing up for them, and it caused a lot of deaths. Watch out.
    2) It’s a good idea to let the tank have at least 20-30 seconds after the shield drops to build aggro. This is because the last rune used causes the boss to do a knockdown on a the person that used it (the tank hopefully, since that starts the boss’ aggro) that lasts about 10 seconds.
    3) All 3 of them have an attack called The Precession. At first, this is cast on the tank, but then the Harbinger seems to go down the line of party members by who has more aggro and casts it on everyone. This is an AoE that will do a lot of damage (it killed dps/healers in my group most of the times that it hit them). When they start the cast, you will get a red exclamation point over your head briefly. When you see this, you need to immediately move away from where you are standing.
    4) All 3 also periodically summon groups of adds, in addition to the Mayans that are constantly spawning while you fight because of the event. An off-tank is great for these, as they are basically just regular mobs, but they’re almost impossible for the tank to see/pick up, since they come from random directions and they can cause a wipe if they kill the healers at a bad time.
    5) You WILL NOT get the achievement for killing these guys. You have to petition for it after you’ve killed them, as the achievements are bugged. I recommend taking down group numbers (which show on the game’s default raid-frames) and/or the names of people you grouped with for the petition, as it sure couldn’t hurt to have people that can corroborate you did, in fact, kill them.

    That’s all the advice I can really give about these, having done all 3 tonight. Hopefully this is helpful for the inevitable farming groups tomorrow, trying to get the achievements before the event ends.