The Secret World: Lair Boss – Vampire Lord (The Voivode) Guide
The Secret World: Lair Boss – Vampire Lord (The Voivode) Guide

Carpathian Fangs: Vampire Lord (The Voivode)

Strategy Submitted by Amens:
Is pretty easy. Just tank him in the Summoning Zone. He calls forth for some adds. Sometimes he sacrifices them for a Leach buff on himself. Its not too strong and he isn’t either.
Just kill the adds when they appear and then again on the boss.


[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Gamma 07] – Upper Right
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Eta 06] – Upper Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Psi 04] – Upper Right
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Psi 07] – Center Left
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Mu 02] – Center Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omega 03] – Center Right
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omega 08] – Bottom Left
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Pi 05] – Bottom Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omega 02] – Bottom Right
Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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  • Nami

    The Quarry is a signet farm zone, there is no drop of lairs.

  • Shlankwald

    Soooo what do you get for summoning the boss? Just a chance for a drop? Seems like a really long drawn out less rewarding version of a dungeon

  • Drakt

    nah from what ive heard, one you start doing the region bosses you get purple gear and once you get to the world bosses its meant to be the best gear in game. you get blue gear from the area bosses so it can only get better. the gear usually consists of a signet, a fragment, a glyph toolkit and a piece of gear

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  • Camael

    What do I need to get a lairboss down? Is it tougher than, say, Polaris NM? Can I summon it again, or do I have to farm the pieces for every fight?