The Secret World: Lair Boss – Shadow Of Depravity Guide
The Secret World: Lair Boss – Shadow Of Depravity Guide

Savage Coast: Shadow Of Depravity

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Channel filth that damage rapidly, dodging the channel filth pool create a second pool under you that you have to get out of. Does frontal AoE and a full AoE around him. Sometimes recall you to him for the full AoE. Full AoE can insta kill if not out of the AoE zone.

[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Zeta 04] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Upsilon 01] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omega 09] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Kappa 04] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Epsilon 09] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Delta 02] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omicron 04] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Gamma 06] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Psi 03]
Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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  • We get zerged by adds on this boss… what to do about them?

    • It’s apparently bugged at the moment and spawns waaaaaaay too many adds. So your options are to leave it alone and sit on your ritual until it’s fixed, or take a couple of other groups with you.

  • Xellius

    Boss fixed. No more adds at all.
    Drops regional fragments Beth 05, Gamal 03