The Secret World: Issue #2 – Digging Deeper
The Secret World: Issue #2 – Digging Deeper

New weapon types… New cosmetic Options… And new missions … Sounds like another great monthly update!

Check Out The Details Below!  New Patch “Digging Deeper” Going Live August 28th!

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The Secret World - Digging Deeper Update

‘Digging Deeper’ is jam-packed with content, including new character customisation options, the plastic surgery and barbershop, new investigation and action missions…and last (but definitely not least) our first auxiliary weapon: the rocket launcher!


Introducing a brand new weapon, featuring seven brand new abilities, wrapped in a brand new auxiliary wheel!

With the addition of a third weapon and eighth ability hot-bar slot, you can now augment your existing decks with the awesome might of the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher that goes ‘Boom!’.

More details will be revealed very soon — and this is just the first of many auxiliary weapons to come! We’re already working on the next one…and The Secret World should prepare for a real Texas-style massacre. Rrrrrreeeennnennennnennnnn!


Inside an abandoned abattoir in the bowels of Brooklyn, the infamous Dr Anton Aldini (Peter Stormare) has set up his paraplastic surgery — the Modern Prometheus — and on August 28th, his practice will be open for business.

With the Modern Prometheus, we’re introducing new heads and new facial features, allowing players to completely alter the way their characters look. The first visit is free, but subsequent nips and tucks will cost PAX. Coupons will also be made available in the item store for those players who are short on in-game cash.


Unhappy with your hairstyle? With your beard or moustache? Your makeup? At Ockham’s Razor in London, you can change them all!

Doubling the number of available hairstyles, players can use in-game cash (PAX) or coupons purchased in the item store to alter their ‘do, facial hair or makeup.


Mission Pack #2 — part of August’s issue — adds new investigation missions, the auxiliary weapon mission, and lair action missions to the game:

  • ‘Digging Deeper’ continues the story that began with The Kingsmouth Code, and sends players back to Pastor Henry Hawthorne at the Kingsmouth Congregational to dig deeper into the town’s secret history and Illuminati legacy
  • In ‘Death and Axes’, players learn more about Sophie’s close connection with the spirit world. In Transylvania’s Besieged Farmlands, the dead are restless, and Sophie is increasingly sensitive to their pain — causing Cern some concern for her well-being, and sending players on an investigation into the terrible events that have transpired here
  • ‘Strangers from a Strange Land’ introduces players to the ancient history of Solomon Island, going back to when the island was visited by Norsemen in their longboats, a thousand years ago. This investigation begins with Red (of Red’s Bait & Tackle) and introduces players to a pair of famous talking ravens from Norse mythology…
  • In Transylvania, Iele — the guardian of the Shadowy Forest — needs the player’s help in order to revive her ‘Singing Stones’ and fight the growing infection that threatens this delicate magical sanctuary
  • Acquiring the first auxiliary weapon — the rocket launcher — won’t be a cakewalk. In the first of a series of exciting auxiliary weapon missions, players will work with the Council of Venice to retrieve a highjacked shipment of rocket launchers. During the course of this mission, players face powerful new Orochi technology, travel to a brand new location, and come face to face with the two-faced Phoenicians

And these are just some of the missions that will be made available as part of Mission Pack #2!


Two additional dungeons are receiving Nightmare modes in issue #2: The Facility and Hell Eternal.

Further testing the extreme limits of the players’ abilities, these new additions bring new challenges and new rewards to The Secret World.

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  • Orlando Soares

    Kind of bummed out the completion of the Issue missions doesn’t award any item of clothing… :/

    • Chris Soto

      They updated this with “The Cat God”, now there are T-Shirts for both the digging deeper and cat god issues

  • Guest

    They seem to have updated it with “The Cat God”, there are T-Shirts for completing Digging Deeper and The Cat God now