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The Secret World: Hell and Bach Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Hell and Bach Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: Hell and Bach Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Daniel Bach - (724,841)   The Secret World: Hell and Bach Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Hell and Bach Guide / Solution

I need to preface this by saying:   I encourage you to try to figure this out yourself  first!   However, I assume you’re here because you’ve tried that, got pissed and now want the solution..   Yea, I don’t blame you!  I wish I could have looked it up too!

So let’s get to it!

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Even if you plug in the correct solution in symbol puzzles, the game will some times think you didn’t.  Could be any number of causes, but we had to input the first solution a half-dozen times to get it to register and advance.   Just keep that in mind before you start posting comments below!   We completed the quest, but not without frustration.  Your milage my vary.

Our quest starts at Daniel Bach, who for some reason is still residing in the Hell Motel..  But whatever his reasons, he has a lovely Investigation mission for us now!

Tier 1:

Objective:  Examine Bach’s Research Notes
Start out by examining Bach’s research on the table in the motel office.   (If you’re facing Bach, turn around.  Can’t miss it.)

The Secret World - Hell And Bach Guide / Solution


Objective:  Search Room 13 for clues.  
Good news, can’t miss the large red “13” painted on the outside of the door.  And in case there was any doubt… There’s an evil free-standing door in the center of the room.   Not suspicious at all… nope… Head into room #13, just outside.


Objective:  Just Take a Look, It’s In A Book, A Reading Rai….. Oh wait…  Click the book Wicker’s Journal on the floor by the bed.   Clicking this will create a separate instance of this room for you and your party.  And be thankful for this because…..


Objective:   Examine the Wicker’s Journal again, this time it’ll open up to reveal what you’ll be looking at for the next couple of hours..  (that is of course, if you weren’t seeking the solution here! )


Objective:  Click the rug on the floor to reveal the first puzzle, a seance circle.  The goal here is to activate it.  But how?!


ORDERINT DUM METUANT  Is loosly translated as:  “Let them hate as long as they fear

This translation actually has little to do with solving the puzzle itself, but I guess Funcom is keen on resurrecting the Latin Language!

How To Solve:

Using the Journal as a Cipher, You can match the symbols to letters.
Quite simply, follow the words and symbols in order from the left page of the journal by clicking the symbols on the floor.   Be careful not to mis-click, if you screw up, you’ll get a failure noise so best to have sound turned up.  If you do mess up, just click the center of the circle a bunch of times till the rug rolls back over the puzzle, then start again.

Just spell out “ORDERINT DUM METUANT” on the floor using the image below as an example.


Or if you prefer a video, we have that too.

Once you’ve keyed in the symbols in order – the seance circle will activate, and Wicker will appear.

Listen to him ramble a bit, then it’s off to ….

Tier 2

Objective:  Travel To The Location In The Top Photograph

The first part of Tier 2 actually involves figuring out where to go next.
I’ll give you a hint..  Sewers.
I’ll give you a bigger hint..  New York.
And now for a Final Hint..  (see pictures.)

Head to New York, if you’re Illuminati, this will look familiar to when you started your character, otherwise, if you’re not Illuminati, head for coordinates:  290,287.    Head inside the building and work your way down, it is a fairly linear path.  You’ll come to a place where you can take one of 2 tunnels, take the one on the left, and look down.


After Loading Into the sewer, which is again, thankfully a private instanced version for you and your group.. (otherwise, could you imagine the cluster it would create!? )

You’re greeted with the second seance circle, but this time, you need to use a little more detective work to figure out how to solve it!

Objective:  Find a way to activate the second seance circle  (oh joy!)


A little searching around for clues, we found this:   “Non Sum Qualis Eram”  which translated to:  “I am not what I was”  – again, the translation is useless to the actual puzzle, but the latin is exactly what we need!


So taking what we learned from the first seance circle puzzle, it’s time to apply the same logic to this one…

BUT WAIT – There’s a catch!   We don’t have a cipher for “S”  “Q”  or “L” – so how did we find those?
Well, trial and error.. sadly.  There may have been another hint or way to translate those, but we couldn’t find it.  Instead, we just tried the translations we did know and the sequence we knew to be correct, and by process of elimination, figured out the remainder.

Below is the translated symbols, same as the first circle, spell out “NON SUM QUALIS ERAM” on the floor using the symbols.


Video Version:

Upon Successful Completion, Wicker will appear again, and it’s time to move on!

Tier 3

Objective:  Travel to the location in the second photograph.

Head off to London.   It is a ‘basement access’ located at coordinates:  163, 203 

Head on down and click the door.

Objective: Find a way to activate the seance circle. 

As I say all the time when playing games, especially shooters..  “Nobody Ever Looks Up!”  – Funcom must have heard me at some point, because this clue is on the ceiling!


“ORBIS NON SUFFICIT”  Loosely translated means, “The World Is Not Enough”  (I’m pretty sure that’s a James Bond movie… anyways…)

So with that, one more hellish seance circle to translate, this time, we’re looking for 3 letters that aren’t part of previous puzzles, “B”  “C”  &   “F”

We solved it with process of elimination again, but for you, we’ve made it easy!
Below is the translated symbols, same as the first and second circles, spell out “ORBIS NON SUFFICIT” on the wall using the symbols.

And last video solution:

With the circle solved, Wicker comes out, says a few things, and on to the next step.

Tier 4

Objective:  Search the room for more information about Wicker’s past.

Turn around from the puzzle on the wall, search the table, find another Journal Page, read through it…


Objective:  Go to the location in Wicker’s Journal Page

Translated – it reads:   TABULA RASA       SEPTIMUS

Head to Tabula Rasa in London! 

By now you should know where it is, if not, open your map when in London, it is clearly marked.

Once inside, give a chat to the Concierge, he’ll sell you access keys.   Buy the “Access Key – Septimus”  

With access key in hand, turn around and behind you, click the large floating cube.  You’ll then zone into a private room!


Objective:  Listen to the Cassette Tape.
Objective:  Examine the Briefcase.


Tier 5

Objective:  Go to the location mentioned on the flier

We actually spent some time over analyzing this, thinking of the translation again, trying to see the hidden message, but then …  Rather than suffer that, I went for a walk.

I thought, somewhere in London has to be the “British Museum of the Occult”  be it active or otherwise.   And I FOUND IT!    Head for Coordinates: 298,268 
As you approach, there is a note on the door.

Tier 6

Objective:  Find a way to read Theodore Wicker’s last lecture.
Really.. you just walk up to the door and click the letter.

If you go to the youtube channel in the picture above, you will find this video.

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I kept notes of what the in-game symbols were to their letter counter parts.   The below is mostly useless since we’ve provided picture guides, however, incase anybody cares, here’s some information.
Ilv = N

Van = D

Chne = R

Aniu = E

Zir = U

Dmi = M

Bal = A

Per = I

Nio = T

Pal = O

Ybdeb = S

Eniu = Q

Lut = L


Sca = B

Angan = F

Hro =C

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  • Jasmin Sky

    i just found out iro is ´g´ so the sentence means ad augusta per angusta. yes i know there is no a in there but it seems that funcom isn´t really firm in latin because the sentence of the first step is also wrong it must be: oderint…..

    • Aye, we had gotten that portion translated while trying to figure it out, but didn’t find much significance in it at the time. And I took the mis-spelling of ‘Oderint’ to be explained where the journal says “Transposing the runes to latin is imperfect” .. Then again, who knows …

      • The table of rune names is handy though, it’s something I can jot down and avoid alt tabbing between the game and here (which my video card seems to dislike…) Good work!

        • I don’t like the in-game browser and I find it chokes pretty bad on a lot of Unfair’s long answer pages – like this one.

  • Blind Io

    Names of the runes are tied to the names of elements – to the place of the element in periodic system , but in reverse order of the alphabet order.Q and S can be figured out that way :
    Cadmium – dmi – 48 – M * Silver – ilv – 47 – N * Paladium – pal – 46 – O * Rhodium – rho – 45 – P * Ruthenium – eniu – 44 – Q * Technetium – chne – 43 – R * Molybdenum – ybden – 42 – S * Niobium – nio – 41 – T * Zirconium – zir – 40 – U

    L should be 49th place, which is indium … but ofc it isnt. So, something is fishy here.

    The start of alphabet is suspicious too:
    Cobalt – bal – 27 – A
    Vanadium – van – 23 – D
    Space for 3 letters inbetween.


    • There may very well be smoke coming out of my ears right now while my brain tries to compute this! I can say, very cool!

      When we were working on this, we decided to give up the logic and just go brute force and process of elimination. It did the trick, but I’d love to be able to put some full on logic on how the runes get solved!

      As we’ve come to find with many of the missions, there are multiple paths to and end solution, I’d love to see how other people have worked it out!

    • Watchfire

      lol, it’s a Stargate reference. In one episode, the universal ancient language is revealed to be based on the one true constant: the elemental table. Mathematical bases change (we use base 10 math), but the elements don’t.

      • And that is why I enjoy working on this site, I learn new things every day!

    • Ninjahoernchen

      kinda solved the runes, it is indeed referring to the periodic table of
      elements and also the rune circle in the book is important to solve them
      without brute force…

      if you take a look at the runes names you
      find corresponding elements for every one of them and you will notice
      where they can be found in it, making up 2 lines and one “overflow” to the next linethat overflow is Lut(henium) which is the last of the lanthanide table and will make up the first of the new row that way

      now the first row doesnt follow a logic it seems, but the second row goes through the alphabet reversive order… u, t, s, r, q, p, o, n, m meaning the next one in next line could be L and that fits aswell, leavin the first in this row for X.

      now for the first line you need to take a close look into the books circle. its like 4 quarters and in each quarter is a pair of 2 runes per circle. the outer circle is solved already but the mid circle is still missing, but in everyone of it we got a letter already and we got them like this: ( I , …) ( A , …) ( D, …) ( E, …) now thinking of alphabetic order it made sense to try putting in the letters by that making it ( I, H ) ( A, B ) ( D, C ) ( E, F ) which proved as correct (except for unproven ‘H’

      as for the last 4 in mid i supposed the X from the second periodic line and then used the same method as with the mid circle so i came to the theory of it being ( L, Z, X, K)

      at least this method worked to get all solutions wihtout brute forcing and for me it seems legit, looking up for more riddles like this =D

  • The issue in the hotel room is that the top runes on the left is buggy. Pay attention to whether the tool tip shows “Pal” or “Zir”. Zir is the run below and you will actually have to click well above the rune to make it work.

    • MarakMocam

      Not so much buggy as “3 dimensional” and large. The angle needed to click Pal vs Zir can be tricky standing at the base of it. Mouse-over shows the name of the symbol so hover your mouse to see which one is going to register and move a bit if it’s the wrong one.

  • I tried 4 times, and it buged everytime at the last rune (T). I don’t understand, because I exactly followed the video…

  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    I am not able to find any YouTube channel named “E11 iotDewhurst.” Since the note is hand-jotted and may be somewhat illegible or ambiguous (is it E11 or E 1 1 with spaces? or maybe it’s Ell [ELL] instead of numericals… and WTH is “iotDewhurst” about anyway?) could someone please spell out the YouTube channel clearly, maybe provide a url to get to it, cos Google sure does NOT help to find it.

    • Volaric

      I Embedded the one and only video that you find at the very end of the post. It is the Theodore Wicker Lecture.

    • T

      Elliot, not E11 iot 😉

  • Alodar

    If you click at an angle as opposed to straight overhead looking down, you can have the tendency of clicking the wrong rune. Make sure the name comes up and it is the correct one before clicking. I think this is why the frustration.

  • Dan Nicholson

    Took a bit of strain, but I managed to suss the flier’s burnt runes. “Ad august per angusta” Best translation I can offer is “to the top by narrow ways”. I’m quite sure there’s a better one.

    • Aleksandros

      As a fluent Latin speaker. It’d probably be best to say (Through difficulty to magnificence) Because August or Augusta (feminized version of Augustus) would equal greatness or magnificence. Hence, Imperator Divi.F Augustus of Rome. Also Orderint isn’t correct. Oderint is the proper spelling. May have been a typo on Wicker’s part 😀

  • Indi

    issues with the first tier is that when lookin at the circle from an angle (even in first person view) the names/buttons don’t line up with the symbols. this was the issue i had. be careful what names you’re clicking on when you enter the code. even knowing this it still takes times to figure it out and if you’re slow it resets on you

  • stupid quest..waist of time..thanks Fu***m