The Secret World: Group Finder Details in Digging Deeper 1.2 Update
The Secret World: Group Finder Details in Digging Deeper 1.2 Update

Now this is some good news coming from Funcom today.

A group finder tool will make its way into the game next week, September 11th in the Issue #2:  Digging Deeper update!   While we’re sad to be taking some of the fun out of spamming “LF2 DPS” in Agartha for an hour, it will be interesting to see if we get paired up with the 60% of the game Volaric has on ignore.

But I wonder, like games of the recent past who have instated a “Group Finder” tool, will this help or hurt The Secret World.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

In the mean time you can read all the details here below.


Group Finder comes with Digging Deeper

Great news for all you team players out there – We are excited to announce that the completely new Group Finder tool will be available in Issue #2: Digging Deeper, which will be out on the 11th of September.

Because of our single server technology you will now be able to easily team up with players from any Dimension anywhere in the world and face the challenges in The Secret World together.

With the tool you can find other players from any Dimension who want to group up for any playfield or dungeon in the game. When you unlock the harder difficulties, Elite and Nightmare, these will also become available as options in the Group Finder tool.

You find the tool in your Menu or by clicking Shift + C. Here you can either browse and look for other people who want to do the same thing as yourself, or you can sign up and show yourself as available for the content you want to play.

When signing up you choose the playfield or dungeon you would like to play in, which difficulty you would like and which role you can fill in the group.

You can choose between tank, healer or damage dealer, but because of the classless system of The Secret World many of you will be able to fill more than one role, so you can of course choose any combination of the three, or even all of them if you like.

When you find likeminded players in the Group Finder tool you can easily send them messages or invite them directly into your group.

So look forward to Digging Deeper. Finding groups will never be the same!


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  • Carschti

    So the LFG Tool is just a list were u can sign up and search people who also signed up?
    Well thats another bad idea from Funcom. This list thing was ignored in WoW and other MMOs (not without a reason) and i think it will be ignored in TSW and people are still spamming stupid sentences (is “LFM 2DPS 3,5k AR” even a sentence?) in Agartha and behaving like arrogant assholes (by not giving new nightmare players a chance).

    Well…so…bad idea, very bad implementation…thanks for the try…but no!

    • Asur

      You seem to have left out any reference as to WHY this is a bad idea ^^ Opinions are pointless without reasons, yours included.

      Here’s why this is a great LFG implementation: 1) It lets you do other things rather than just sit in Agartha when you’re looking for a pug. 2) It shows everyone looking for the same content as you. 3) Unlike automated group assemblers, you can still screen who you party with.

      As for giving new nightmare players a chance, that’s what “casual” and “beginner” pugs are for–and I see them advertised all the time. The simple fact is that Nightmare content is unforgiving; 1 DPS dying can prevent the group from making an enrage timer. This is why people what to play with groups who are on the same general skill and gear level as they are, hence why beginners tend to be excluded from experienced groups.

      And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.