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The Secret World: Dreamcatcher Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: Dreamcatcher Guide / Solutions

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Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Dreamcatcher Guide / Solutions Blue Mountain Old Joseph - (200,630)   The Secret World: Dreamcatcher Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: Dreamcatcher Guide / Solutions16,670

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Tier 1

Get Old Joseph’s dreamcatcher.  It’s hanging right next to you!  Travel to the ancient Wabanaki burial mound found at (623, 634).   You can see the entrance here if you look at my minimap.

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Tier 2

Use the dreamcatcher to catch an Ancestor’s Nightmare.

Tier 3

Capture 5 more nightmares.

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Tier 4

Return the dreamcatcher to Old Joseph back where you started the mission, around (200, 630)

Tier 5

Check the notebook near Old Joseph.  Looks like it has a bunch of ingredients on it for you to gather.  Time to go around and start collecting!

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Tier 6

Find Wabanaki herbs.

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Pick up the eyes of a Gorestreak Ancient.

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Gather 5 ashes from a spectre.

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Find a Wabanaki Guide’s feather.

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Tier 7

Place the ingredients next to Old Joseph’s fire at (188, 631), right outside the trailer.

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When you do, a cinematic will play.

Tier 8

Inhale smoke from the fire and look for the portal to the afterlife at (160, 696).

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Find what torments the ancestors by just following the fairly linear path inside.  Fight stuff along the way and eventually you’ll see and do battle with a Hound of Corruption.  Fight it and chase it down a few times until the mission completes.

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