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The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Henry Hawthorne - (284,474)   The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution10,000

Complete Video Walkthrough

Digging Deeper - Quest Start

Tier 1

Objective:  Find the Entrance to the Illuminati Tunnels

The first step is to find the hidden tunnels under ‘Main Street’.   There are various clues as to where to look, but quite simply, run straight on down the road and the sidewalk in front of the Town Hall.

You’ll hit a location around Coordinates: (365, 367)  which will be clickable.

Digging Deeper - Trap Door

Click this “Loose Pavement”  to reveal a trapdoor.

Digging Deeper - trapdoor1

Objective: Find a way to open the trapdoor

Upon clicking the trapdoor, you’ll be given a screen displaying a keyhole with the etching “Clavis Aurea”

Which is lating for “Golden Key”  …  The first thing that hit my mind… Golden Key = Key to The City.   Let’s check the town hall!

Digging Deeper - Clavis Aurea

Head upstairs, into the room at the end of the hall.

Well, what do you know?!  Look at that, a key, a big golden one even!   So, let’s just go ahead and take the big golden key off the wall.

Your mission will update…

Digging Deeper - Key To The City

Objective: Enter The Tunnels

Head back to the trapdoor and enter the instance.

Digging Deeper - Tunnels

Note:  You’re welcome to run around in the tunnels to your hearts content.  You’re also welcome to do things in a different order, this is the order in which we completed the mission, I’m sure there are alternate ways to arrive at the same goals, we encourage you to sound off in the comments below with different solutions!

Tier 2

Objective:  Explore The Tunnels

Head strait in the tunnel till you hit the “T” intersection then hang a left while looking down.  You’ll notice an “Aged Book” on the floor.  Inspect it.  This will give some clues for later, so take a mental note of it’s message. 

Digging Deeper - Old Book

Next, head back to the start. (As if you just entered, with your back to the exit)   You’ll want to take the path to the immediate left from the entrance.

You’ll come up to a door at the end, with a plaque and symbols on the wall.

The plaque reads:  “Occulus, rara avis (which Oculus is mis-spelled.. like most of Funcom’s latin adventures)  which is latin for “Eye (or round opening), Rare Bird”

To solve the wall symbols based on the clues, select the far left, “Eye”  and the 3rd from the left “Talon“, if you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see them light up and the mission will advance as the door opens to a tomb!

Digging Deeper - First Symbols

Tier 3

Objective: Explore The Tomb

Walk forward and examine the tomb inside, you’ll find a note, a symbol, and a lever. 

Digging Deeper - Tomb

Pick up the symbol, inspect the note, and ignore the lever. 

Digging Deeper - Note

After inspecting the note, your mission will update…

Objective: Unlock the Southern Door

Head back to the start of the tunnels once again, this time you’ll be taking the path to the immediate right. 

You’ll see another collection of symbols on the wall.   At the time of writing, the plaque does nothing, however, by logical process of elimination, you can figure that it’s the last 2 symbols.   Further, you picked up one of them from the tomb just 30 seconds ago….

Click the Pyramid, then the symbol on the far right.

If done correctly, they’ll light up, and the door to your left will open.

Digging Deeper - Symbols 2

Tier 4

Objective: Explore the Southern Tunnels

Finally things start to get interesting!   You’ll approach a letter puzzle on the floor, with a note in front of it.

Digging Deeper - Floor Puzzle

Digging Deeper - noteletters

Thanks to “Outlandish” for the following explanation of how to arrive at the solution.

“A mathematical “score” equals 20. Two scores, therefore, is 40. Two score and first means: forty-first. Ergo, we are looking for the forty-first Psalm as described by one Jerome. The Jerome in question is St. Jerome, who transcribed the Bible into Latin (Vulgate). A psalm is divided into parts, the transition from one part to another being indicated by a shift in tone. Most online psalms also indicate where a line starts. The first word for part 8 of the 41st psalm by Jerome is “Abyssus”. As far as darkness goes, I’m assuming it simply refers to the first ‘dark’ word, “abyssus” meaning abyss or deep.”

The word needed to pass the puzzle is  “A B Y S S U S ” , but how you key in that word is where it gets fun.   We have a video below which explains the process!

Once complete, the door will open and it’s time to move on.


While the objective remains the same, a new challenge is presented.  A music puzzle!

Digging Deeper - music puzzle

There’s a couple of clues to get you on your way …

The note on the floor reads:

Digging Deeper - music note

The musical notes on the wall reads:

Digging Deeper - Sheet Music


The clues are designed to point you in the direction of the song in question so that you can identify the blacked out notes.  The song is called “Flow My Tears” by John Dowland.  

For those who don’t know how to read music, we’ll make this as easy as possible!

The missing notes section is: 

Digging Deeper - music3

So, those are the notes you’ll be clicking on the wall.   But, it’s not just that simple, you have to match the levers with the corresponding note type.

So it will go…

A + 2nd lever.       E + 1st Lever.       E + 3rd Lever.        G+ 3rd lever.         G+ 3rd Lever.

If all else fails, we have a video explaining the process below.

Once complete, the door to your left will open to reveal your next puzzle!

Digging Deeper - statue puzzle

Now, this is the one that will confuse you..  Remember that book you read earlier on the floor in the tunnel?

Digging Deeper - thebook

Yea, that one.   Well, this is where the hints within come through for you!

The goal here, is to identify the statues and how you should ‘confront’ them.

So, for instance…

“He shall show appreciated for the exertions of his fellows” 

/applaud at the discus throwing statue.

“And make as a church-going man does before holy symbols” 

/pray to the angel statue

“He stall show great disdain for the trappings of old empire.”

/spit  on the solider.

“And avert his gaze from the schemes coiled and chaotic”

/covereyes at the snake statue.


Tier 5

Objective:  Explore the tomb of Solomon Priest

Inspect the note on the ground..

Digging Deeper - tomb2

Digging Deeper - confession

Tier 6

Objective: Return to Kingsmouth

You can exit via the ladder at the start of the tunnels.   The mission will complete as soon as you get outside!


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  • FILE-13

    oN THE LETTER PUZZLE, I FIRST NOTED, wRITE AS A LEARNED MAN, LEARNED MEANING LATIN, SECOND 4 SCORE AND 1 PSALMS PART 8, MEANING 41ST PSALMS VERSE 8, WRITTEN IN LATIN IT IS 8 abyssus *ad; abyssum invocat in voce cataractarum tuarum omnia excelsa tua et fluctus tui super me transierunt. THE FIRST DARKNESS MEANING THE FIRST WORD.

  • Endilbiach

    For Tier 4, I’ve figured out most of the references: To write as a learned man means to write in Latin, as recently as the 50’s it was common in institutions of higher learning for Latin to be a base course. Jerome was a translator, who translated some biblical works from Hebrew into Latin, two score and first means 81st Psalm, 8th verse…I do NOT know what it means by the first Darkness (of course, knowing the answer to the riddle helps, I assume that most of that references a particular darkness which ties into the word “Abyss”)

    • Bill

      Wrong! You’re so wrong Mr. Smarty Pants!!! Even though you are basically reiterating everything above, you clearly are unsure of what a “Score” is! Mr. Not-So-Smarty-Pants!!!

    • Bill

      Wrong! You’re so wrong Mr. Smarty Pants!!! Even though you are basically reiterating everything above, you clearly are unsure of what a “Score” is! Mr. Not-So-Smarty-Pants!!!

    • Bill

      Wrong! You’re so wrong Mr. Smarty Pants!!! Even though you are basically reiterating everything above, you clearly are unsure of what a “Score” is! Mr. Not-So-Smarty-Pants!!!

  • 50 foot ant

    Psalms 41:8 in LATIN. (Jerome translated the bible to Latin) Abyssus

  • Tix

    Actually, both Oculus and Occulus are accepted spellings.

  • hey guys, i like the video additions. nice touch

  • PaulieBoy

    Great help Thank you soooooo very much!!

  • dumbdude

    Yo where do you fine the talon?

    • dumbdude


    • I had that problem! Turned out I had left my talon in the other bank of glyphs. Went back and got it, and then the eye-and-talon thing worked fine.

  • unennailo

    On the tier 4 Plaque it reads, “Of Khufu, Of the Grand Lodge.” Khufu was the pharoah who built the great pyramid at Giza, and the Masonic Guild is organized by lodges, the Grand Lodge being at the top of leadership. The compass is a widely recognized symbol of the Masonic Guild.

  • Playerguyman

    You know for the Music Part it would be way more helpful to mention that you need the Lever first then the Organ. I died nearly 10 times trying to follow the Organ > Lever order the guide suggests (A+2, E+1, etc)

    • Chapow

      Thanks for posting this! Just saw it after the third attempt x.x

  • Well, I finished the mission, although it only acknowledges me as having gotten 4/6 tiers, which I know is incorrect. I was awarded the exp but didn’t get a Send Report order to obtain anything else. My guess is that this is mildly bugged.

  • adam

    only thing didnt lik was the not spelling applaud i am a bad speller i had to look it up other wise the video was perfect

  • jgelling

    Explains a lot about what’s not so great about this game.

    “Abyssus” vs. “Abyssum”, requiring players to read Latin, requiring players to read music, requiring players (even that can do all that) to figure out entirely less-than-straightforward solutions to these puzzles.

    These puzzles are seriously on crack and I doubt 99%+ of the world’s population could do that without outright cheating.