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The Secret World: Black Helicopters Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Black Helicopters Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Black Helicopters Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Ann Radcliffe - (385,995)   The Secret World: Black Helicopters Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Black Helicopters Guide / Solution7,500

Tier 1: Sneak Past The Security Perimeter

Entrance is located at (675,850).  Head in through the tunnel.

Tier 2: Get Into The Orochi Camp

You can find the code to get in on one of the Dead Orochi members lying in the water.  It’s 739241.

Tier 3: Download Reports

The first report is on the bench near the house at the northern end of the camp.

The Field report can be found on some crates behind the helicopter.  Sneak in when the Orochi using this computer leaves.

The Final Report is in the sewers.  You will need to trigger the fire alarm and…

Hide out of sight while the Orochi evacuate.

Once they are gone, you are left by yourself to clain the Autopsy report.

Tier 4: Examine Cargo

Once you have all three, a helicopter will appear up top and it will have some cargo in the back.  Take a peak while noone is looking.

Tier 5: Upload Information

After everything is done, return to an unattended laptop to upload all the data you have collected to HQ.  I usually pick this one as it is the easiest to reach in my opinion.


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  • cacalips

    This is bugged for me. All guards have yellow not red name tags, and no one is moving. There also is no helicopter cargo to get. All guards are close to the lap tops and I cannot get them. There are two gaurds by eery lap top that do not move. EXCEPT in the autopsy sewer part, I can walk in, and shoot people and nothing happens, I did not have to hide and there are no patroling gaurds. Everyone just stands around. I got the lap top easy…This game has ZERO people online any more and suffers so bad of bugs. I think I will uninstall at this point. It is so boring now