The Secret World – Albion Theatre Unlocks And Where To Find Them
The Secret World – Albion Theatre Unlocks And Where To Find Them

Albion Theatre Unlocks, Vendors and Locations

Currently, we don’t know where specific items or unlock abilities come from but we can build a list with your help!

Use the comments section below to let us know where you found some specific items, unlock, vendors, etc.
If you’d like, you can also email us directly at  [email protected]  or use our handy content submission form located here!

In the mean time, here’s a video of what I did running through the Albion Ballroom Theatre when it was fully unlocked on Test Live!

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  • Iscelces

    Just found a Transylvania collection off a Deathless Caller in Besieged Farmlands. Was Blue quality.

    • Iscelces

      Found a second one in the 2nd transylvania zone, off Fungal Filth. Kit includes:

      Cutouts: Old Tree, Romany Wagon

      Setpieces: Fungus Flower, Treasure Chest
      Effect: Wolf Howls

    • Roacher

      Mine dropped from the last boss of the ‘Dogs of War’ quest in Carpathian Fangs. Random loot?

    • Got Transilvanian Theatrics blue piece from a werewolf mob during the last tier of Dogs of War.

  • RobertoJiji

    Found a Solomon Island on last boss DW elite

    • RobertoJiji

      Again today, once in 3 elite DW runs

  • Dalnim

    Well, one of the solomon island ones is bought from the vendor within the theatre. Another is bought from the council of venice envoy for 75(?) tokens, this is the backdrop piece. I bought this from the vendor in BM, but it may be available on all cov envoys for that zone. The third was found as a random drop.

    I was also able to buy a backdrop from an egyptian cov envoy, this was in CotSG, but again, it is possible it could be from any cov envoy within the zone.

    I found the Transylvanian collection as a random drop whilst doing the chainsaw mission, so this appears to possibly be linked to QL10 mobs.

    Still have not found any lore, or anything about the faction pieces.

    • Dalnim

      As of this point have achieved; Occult Drama 101, Antony and Cleopatra, and Exit, Pursued by Vampire.

      New England Theatrics is a random drop, I found it in BM, but is likely possible to find in all Solomon Island zones.
      Lighthouse backdrop is bought from the CoV Envoy in BM, 75 sequins.
      Innsmouth Academy Theatrics is bought from the Theatre vendor, 400,000 Pax iirc.

      Egyptian Theatrics is a random drop, I found in CotSG.
      Dune Backdrop is from CoV Envoy in CotSG, 75 sequins.

      Transylvanian theatrics is a random drop, apparently from any QL10 mob.
      Moonrise backdrop is from CoV Envoy in CF, 75 sequins.

      Still unable to find faction theatric kits or lore.

      • Where is this Theater Vendor ??

        • Dalnim

          If you enter the Theatre and go upstairs, on the left side you will find a bartender and a vendor that sells three theatrical sets.

          • Dalnim

            Lol, and by left I mean right *facepalm*

          • ty m8 !!!

  • Robertojiji

    Dune Backdrop is sold by Venitian at City of the Sun God 75 Sequin

    • RobertoJiji

      Egyptian theatrics obtain from Arachnis Envenomer in COSG
      A friend got it from another mob

  • Joulette

    I purchased Theatrical Backdrop: Moonrise from a Council of Venice envoy in Carpathian Fangs for 75 Sequins of Transylvania. I received Transylvanian Theatrics as a random drop off mobs in Carpathian Fangs as well.

  • Drixt

    I have gotten Everything bar the sided backdrops ( faction backdrops ) has anyone found any of them yet or where to get them its all I need for the achievement opening night !

  • I got New England Theatrics from a draug near Red’s place.

  • Azalin

    The missing fraction backdrops and lore is comming in issue 5.

  • Robertojiji

    Faction backdrop
    City Backdrop
    Are avaible at HQ for 250k and 500k pax since 1.4.2 Reroll or Trade !

  • Drixt

    yup i got them am now 4/5 on opening night anyone know if the lore has been put in yet ?

  • RobertoJiji

    Opening night lore
    1/3 London 160;177
    2/3 Albion upper floor on left side facing stage
    3/3 Albion on stage behind curtains

    • Darx

      You lie about Lore #1.
      It’s actually at 159, 279 in the park behind the “stage”

      • Robertojiji

        I may be wrong, but I don’t lie. You are just silly.

        • Azalin

          How did you get on stage? I tryed bying time but no lore.

          • Robertojiji

            You have to rent Albion for 1000 Pax, at the women behind desk at entrance.

  • lbx

    Still can’t find number 3. Do I need to be in a group.. I paid 10k to rent the stage and its not back there.