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The Secret World: A Reasonable Man Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A Reasonable Man Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: A Reasonable Man Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Sam Krieg - (905,101)   The Secret World: A Reasonable Man Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A Reasonable Man Guide / Solution10,000

Tier 1: Acquire Flares From Gutted Fishermen & Use Them

The Gutted Fishermen are usually found with groups of Eaters.  Whenever you kill them, loot the drops to pick up flares.

Once you have 5, throw them at groups of 4 or more zombies.  The Flare will only affect 4 at a time.  If you run out of flares before finishing the mission… I don’t know what will happen, so best to avoid it if you can.

When they are marked, crosshairs will appear over their heads as Sam Snipes them from the tower.

Tier 2: Collect Corpses & Lure Zombies Over The Edge

Once that is done, collect corpses from around the area.

Stick those corpses on pikes in the marked area.  Be careful not to fall off.

Back away a bit and watch as the Zombies throw themselves off the cliff for great effect!

Tier 3: Use a Telescope

Zoom in on the red barrels shown below.  Hold the binoculars there for a few seconds for great success.

Tier 4: Kill Zombie Goliaths

Hehe, love this screenshot.  Kill 4 of these guys to advance the mission.

Tier 5: Seal The Dark Well

Kill the Black Hulk, be careful to dodge his ground target attacks, they hurt.

Once he’s dead, go up to the rock and roll it into the Filth to block it off.  Don’t forget to pick up the side mission “Shooting Fish in a Barrel” while you’re here.

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  • Hinuden

    ***!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!***


    I am doing right now this mission. On Tier 3 I hade a little “time lost” because telescope seemed to not work. Following this guide, I looked at same point as your picture shows… nothing happened.

    Then I looked for hints at google and, on a post on the oficial forum I got the answer: You have to CLICK right in the midle of arrows ( ) while looking at the barrels to get the tier completed.

    I hope this helps you to make better this guide. And, lastly but not less, THANKS for this web. I bookmarked it as my “guru web” for the game. Keep it so good!

    • Player

      I can confirm this. I had the same problem, then I clicked in the space which is between the arrows while looking at the barrels and advanced to the next tier.

  • Sianne

    I just wanted to say that if you run out of flares, all you have to do is to kill another Gutted Fisherman to replace it. Other than that – thank you for the wonderful website, it’s my go-to site whenever I get stuck for indefinite amounts of time.