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The Secret World: A Carnival of Souls Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A Carnival of Souls Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A Carnival of Souls Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Nicholas Winter - (547, 598)   The Secret World: A Carnival of Souls Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A Carnival of Souls Guide / Solution7,500

Tier 1: Ride The Ferris Wheel

Tier 2: Free The Laughter of Children

Kill the surrounding enemies to make the statue attack-able. Once you can, destroy it and follow the spirit.

Tier 3: Free The Joy of Children

Kill the attacking enemies, then destroy the statue to free the Joy of Children.

Tier 4: Free The Terror of Children & Destroy Bogeyman

Kill the Nightmare Spawn, then destroy the statue. When you do, be prepared to fight the Bogeyman

He will cast a green bubble around himself. Stay close to him when he does this, as the area right next to him is the only safe place to be when this occurs.

He will sometimes cast a frontal column attack. Be sure to go around the back or side of him when he does this to dodge the damage.

He will make purple rain fall from the sky. Dodge then while whittling away his hp.

The last ability you need to watch out for occurs when he is at low hp. You need to either impair him, to interrupt the spell, or turn around and just flat out run out of range of the attack. Alternatively, you can hide behind the big rock to avoid this ability.

Pick up the Monocle. You’ll need this for the investigation mission “Gravity“.

Tier 5: Use The Portal to Return to Savage Coast

Follow the marker to the exit Portal.


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  • paul

    just got to say love the site it’s helped me out a few times however this time around i think the may have changed a part in the mission were you say run out of range of his attack when his hp is low well for me no matter how far i run away he hits me with a death dealing blow and boom gotta retry i cant seem to impair him either lol damn bogeyman

  • Silvershroud

    You can run far enough, but possibly not if you started in melee range of him. I just beat him now, and you definately can run away. Don’t bother trying to impair him, it doesn’t seem to work, and you will need that time to run.