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The Secret World: The Slaughterhouse (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide
The Secret World: The Slaughterhouse (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide

The Secret World: The Slaughterhouse (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide

First Boss: Psychoassailant


The orbs in the battle arena will activate, spawning giant lightening circles.  The ones that are furthest from the entrance explodes will first, then the middle, and finally the nearest one.  A cleanup bot will activate when the lightening hits it.  Usually the healer tanks it.  If that becomes problematic, have the tank grab it and drag it with the boss.  DPS should ignore the add and just focus on killing the boss.

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Second Boss: NKL-107


Most teams fight this boss at the circular area with the four surrounding pillars. This is to the left as you enter the room. The boss will be marching back and forth at the far end of the room, make sure you hug the left wall since he agro’s from a long distance (basically from just before the middle of the circular area.

One of the boss’s attacks is a PBAOE which causes significant damage and knockback, however when standing “on” one of the pillars, this attack has no effect. DPS / heals should jump up before the boss is pulled. The pillar in the corner is usually the place to do this.

Once the boss is pulled, make sure the tank has him fully engaged and against the left wall before DPS starts. Heavy DPS types may need to turn on subtlety to avoid pulling agro off the tank.

The boss has three attacks of interest. The first is a persistent blue AOE which heals and rez’s the adds as he passes by. This isn’t an issue early in the fight, but it will become one later. He’ll pass an add or two on the way to the left wall during the initial pull, so the tank will have him and a few adds early on.

Taunt and DPS until he launches attack #2, mentioned above. The tank should be out of the AOE (standard enlarging white circle) or there will be considerable damage and KB. It’s best to run toward the middle of the circular area on the floor, that’s where the boss will need to be positioned for attack #3. Don’t fully drag him there yet, though. DPS continues to focus on the boss since his blue AOE hasn’t spawned more than one or two additional adds at this time. Also, attack #2 leaves a persistent DOT area on the ground and you want this area far enough away from the DPS so it doesn’t affect them (they’re still on top of that pillar).

At about half health or so, the boss will break agro and run to the center of the circular floor area. He’s about to nuke, and this is your only warning. The tank needs to run behind the pillar, it’s shadow is the only protection from the one-shot nuke. DPS should do so as well, since this is your opportunity to permanently kill some of the adds. Tank – just keep the adds focused on you so they can die, but keep your target on the main boss. You’ll need to act quickly when his nuke completes and the colors change to normal.

Hopefully about half the adds (or more) are dead at this point. Since the boss still hates the tank, he’ll begin to run toward the pillar where the dead adds are as soon as he’s done nuking. It’s critical he NOT get there. Tank, run out from the pillar away from the dead add pile so his (relatively small) blue rez AOE doesn’t bring the adds back to life. Engage the boss and pull him to a second pillar.

At this point, you’ve experienced all of the nasty bits of this fight – small blue rez/heal circle, big white KB AOE and blue nuke of doom. As long as you have a decent healer and the tank doesn’t screw up and bring the boss back to the first pillar, the rest of the fight should go pretty easily. DPS, make sure YOU don’t agro over top of the tank and pull the boss – it’s best to move away from that initial pillar you were hiding behind to make sure this doesn’t happen. Just go clockwise to the next pillar, then a 3rd pillar if he’s still up at that time.

An alternative strategy is to essentially do the same thing at the far end of the fight area where there’s a small store room. The adds can be pulled into the store room during the blue plasma nuke, but again, if the boss enters that room while using this strategy, it’s likely going to be a team wipe as your overwhelmed with revived adds.

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Third Boss: Obyeckt 279


This is exactly like the first boss, except he will occasionally put up a damage reduction shield.  This should be purged quickly to make the fight go smoother/quicker.  The orbs will activate from the left to the right (looking in through entrance)  Just like the first one, you’ll get an add or two, depending on how quickly you kill it.  Just ignore them and stay on the boss.

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Fourth Boss: Cybulski


There are two ways to do this boss.  The “correct” way, and the way everyone runs it due to out-gearing the dungeon.  But first, the mechanics.  The boss will periodically teleport to the center of the room.  When he does, he will smack the closest person (Either Player or Scientist) for about 7k damage.  The “correct” way, is you attack a scientist to force him to run to the middle and stay there, making it die to the attack.  The way everyone does it is having the tank just eat the damage while the healer heals through it.  Each time this attack is launched, the boss’ damage will increase by 10%.  This isn’t really noticeable, but it is a soft enrage timer, especially if you are using the tank to eat the damage.

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Fifth Boss: Vampiric Plunderer


Simple Tank and Spank with a wipe timer (The swarming zombies).  Just keep attacking while dragging him to the end of the room.  This is a simple dps check fight.  Only thing you need to watch out for, besides the obvious stay ahead of the adds, is a frontal cone AoE attack that is easy to dodge.

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Final / Last Boss: Aleksei-Chetyre


Phase 1; Ice Soldier

Quite a few things going on in this fight.  Quick and easy explenation mode; Engaged!

Do not stand on the platform

Do not get hit by Ice Grenades

Do not stand in other players red target circles

Do not stand in his ice-beam

If anyone becomes frozen from any of the above methods, break them out asap so that they can rejoin the fight before they die.

Phase 2: Blood Monster

He only has 33k hp, so zerg him down, ignoring the adds that are summoned.  When it dies, immediately start running to the other end of the tunnel, killing the adds while moving over.

Phase 3: Both of them Together

Instead of having ice attacks, he now has 2 abilities.  1 will encase a player in a clump of flesh.  The clumps need to be dps’d down ASAP or else they will kill the player inside.  The other ability is a toxic slime spray.  When he gets to about 50k hp, the blood monster will come back.  The tank needs to pick it up while the group keeps focusing down the original enemy.  When he dies, the fight is over.


<Video Guide Coming soon>


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