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The Secret World: The Captain’s Playlist Guide / Walkthrough
The Secret World: The Captain’s Playlist Guide / Walkthrough

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The Secret World: The Captain’s Playlist Guide / Walkthrough Kingsmouth Town (379 , 1002)   The Secret World: The Captain’s Playlist Guide / Walkthrough   |   The Secret World: The Captain’s Playlist Guide / Walkthrough???

The Secret World: Captain’s Playlist Quest Walkthrough with Screenshots

The quest starts at a boat under the bridge at the very north of the map.

In The Boat – Click The Clicky..

The quest after accepting merely says “Locate The Lost Treasure”

Reading the quest log:

“The captain used his two favourite songs to remember the coordinates where he jettisoned the package. The first coordinate is four times the duration of the song “Safety Dance” and the second coordinate is teh duration of the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.”

(I’ll say, I like this Captain and his choice of music..)

So, if you have these songs in iTunes (which you should..)  Finding these answers should be easy.

BUT..  If you’re a terrible person who has no taste in music if you don’t, here’s some data for you:

  • Safety Dance is  2:47  long, so as the quest suggests, we’ll multiply that by 4 and get 988
  • Dont’ Stop Believing  is 4:11 long.   So no math needed there, that’s becomes    411

Plotting the coordinates on the in-game map takes you directly to….

East Side Of The Map, Make Note of The Location In The Water


Grab the box, and you’re done!

Depending On Your Camera Angle, This Can Be Difficult To See..


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  • Thanks!

  • Sat

    Did they remove this? It does not show anymore.

    • I’m not sure, I’ll try to verify later today, but last time I tried to go ‘re-do’ it to collect the mission ending info, I couldn’t pick it up again! Technically, this plays out like a mini-investigation mission, so it is possible that if you’ve already done it once, you can’t do it again!

      I’ve love to get verification from anyone else who has had the same experience to this point.

  • This puzzle irritated me. You don’t just multiply minutes by four like that. It doesn’t work that way to come up with the correct number of minutes. (sigh)

    • Unless they changed the mission since we did it – the instructions are valid. Since I’m unable to pick up the quest again on my main character, I’ll try to make a new character to verify they haven’t altered the mission.

      What your post does tell me, is that the mission is still there! So that’s a good thing, as Sat (the comment below) thought that maybe it was removed.

  • Sidehatch

    As of 8/14 both the mission and chest are where they should be.

  • Dael Franke

    Aargh, this is ridiculous. 4 times the length of the Safety Dance track would be 11 minutes and 8 seconds IF you are counting the length of the single release. If you multiply the album version of the song by 4, you get 18 minutes and 24 seconds!
    For such an intelligently-written game this is very surprising.

  • Nimno

    Double points for the Men Without Hats, but points off for Journey.