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The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough
The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough Kingsmouth Town Norma Creed (360,107)   The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough   |   The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough5,000

When you start the quest, your first stop is going to be Kingsmouth Town Hall.

Tier 1:Find more information about the Murders

When you are in the town hall, head upstairs. there you will find a room full of glowing cabinets. Your job is to find the correct information. To make it easy, the one you are looking for is Q3 2002 as seen below. When you examine this cabinet, you will see a note, also shown below.

Tier 2: Find information about the Murder Case

Where does one go for information about a murder case? Why, the police station of coarse. Log onto the computer and look up information on Larry Checkon.

Tier 3: Examine the cell for more clues

Here is the part some of you may not like. You have to die in order to proceed. I know, strange concept right? Compare it to the days of getting your Molten Core attunement back in vanilla days of WoW (Can’t believe I just referenced WoW, o well). This is because the cell is locked while you are alive, but for whatever reason, the cell unlocks itself when you are in your dead (Anima) form.

The wall behind the ghost of Larry Checkon is where you want your mouse to go.  (If that’s not clear enough, it’s the direction he’s facing) Feel free to ignore the fact that the game is telling you to kiss it’s ass.

When you click on the wall, you get the following note as your next clue/riddle to solve. It reads “The White Ravens whisper (pause) Golden Girls Sorrowful Secrets Are Never Told”

Tier 4: Figure out what the Cryptic message means

I have to say, I really enjoyed this part. You have to follow the white ravens to the location of the riddle. The raven is initially found on top of the police car right outside the station. You then follow it through the hills until you reach a group of 7 Ravens.

Here is the fun part. You remember what the note on the wall said?
“The White Ravens whisper Golden Girls Sorrowful Secrets Are Never Told”
Well, when you walk by each of the 7 ravens here, you can hear a certain word or phrase. Each one unique. They are

1 For Sorrow
2 For Joy
3 For a Girl
4 For For a Boy
5 For Silver
6 For Gold
7 For A Secret

Combine this with the message from earlier, and you get Golden – 6 For Gold
Girls – 3 For a Girl
Sorrowful – 1 For Sorrow
Secrets – 7 For A Secret

And you have your code. Now you just need to click on the appropriate ravens in order and have them fly away. When the last one takes off, something mysterious happens.

Tier 5: Find Jack

You get brought back to life, and you get to see a Jack O’Lantern come to life before your eyes.

And then run away. Right as you’re gearing up to fight a badass Jack O’Lantern, it runs away, ending the quest.

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  • Wiser

    Yeah you and me both have bad memories of that terrible mmorpg WoW lol. TSW is way better by far.

  • Pappa Bue

    Whats the loc of the last location? missed some of the crows

  • jonas

    Just a thanks for this excellent walk-through. I waited outside the cell for over 5 game hours and would be still if not for this! Perfect format as well.

  • Gripp

    yo, is this Volaric from GA?

    • Volaric


  • Geoff

    Thanks for this walkthrough. My wife and I would have NEVER figured this one out. Not really sure how anyone could, actually.

  • Kazz

    any chance you can drop the line for 6 for gold down… easily overlooked with how its formatted currently. Thanks. Great walkthrough otherwise.

  • hardbushido

    just wanted to add that this is an old nursey rhyme, One for Sorrow. Also 13 was carved in the wall at the jail cell as well and in the manchester version(the only version that goes to 13) 13 says “beware its the devil himself”. Thought this was interesting cause i found the rhyme before i found the white raven outside. once i found the circle of ravens i was looking for the 13th one everywhere before i realized how to end this.

  • johnbr

    extremely helpful, thank you. I know you wrote this a long time ago – but at the start of tier 4, can you mention that you need to be dead to see the white raven? I sat in front of that car for 20 minutes before I realized that you were dead in the screenshot

    • moorewr

      Guess what I just spent the last 20 minutes doing..

      Do you need to stay dead for the whole of part 4?