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The Secret World Lore Locations – Multizone – Morninglight
The Secret World Lore Locations – Multizone – Morninglight

Morninglight Lore Locations

Below is a list of all the locations to complete ‘Morninglight’ Lore Entries in The Secret World

Category Entry Zone Coordinates Notes
Morninglight 1  New York 336, 427 Pamphlets
Morninglight 1  London 143,247 Pamphlets
Morninglight 1  Seoul
Morninglight 2 New York 401, 343 Between wall and tent
Morninglight 3  London 145, 253 In Park
Morninglight 4 New York  336, 427 Between building and Van
Morninglight 5  Kingsmouth 142,689
Morninglight 6  Scorched Desert  491,313 The entrance to downstairs is behind a curtain on the ground floor.
Morninglight 7  Besieged Farmland 630,660 On a Ledge
Morninglight 8 Shadowy Forest 712,1134 Picture
Morninglight 9 Carpathian Fangs 310,713 Burned Cabin near Dam
Morninglight 10 Carpathian Fangs 520, 771 Cabin Balcony Access

1NY, 1London, 6 provided by Lakh and Xen

9 provided by Kurpington

10 provided by Rezzy

This is a work in progress – If you see an error or have more information on any individual location, please fill out the comments section below!

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  • Xen

    491,313 scorched desert. Not sure if it’s 1 5 or 6, but downstairs inside building

  • Lakh

    The one Xen’s talking about is Morninglight 6. The entrance to downstairs is behind a curtain on the ground floor.

  • Fitzo

    Morninglight 1 is from reading the pamphlet from new york

    • Fitzo

      Seems that it can come from any of the morninglight in any of the starting zones. Each have a pamphlet for you.

    • Lakh

      Yep – There’s the one on the ground Darx mentions, more NY pamplets in the tent at about 396,342. London pamphlets are at 143,247 in another tent. I don’t remember seeing Morninglight in Seoul, but they’re probably there somewhere too.

  • Darx

    In New York, #1 is found directly under Lore #4. There’s a pamphlet on the ground you can read. 336, 427

  • Flit

    I got #1 from reading one of the pamphlets, but I can’t get #2 to trigger. I’ve tried each pf the pamphlets from both tents in NY and London, along with the pamphlet on the ground in NY. Is there a trick to it?

    • Flit

      It seems #2 is a honeycomb behind the NY tent at 400,342

  • Rezzy

    10 – 520, 771 Carpathian Fangs. Balcony of cabin.

  • Kurpington

    9 – 310,713 Carpathian Fangs. In a burned cabin by the dam

  • leonae

    Can’t get the 10 (i don’t stay on the balcony) Someone has a clue ?

  • Lakh

    10 is very fiddly to get. As you’re facing it, the right hand corner of the building’s roof is clear of snow. If you jump up onto that patch, you’ll stay on. If you walk/jump onto any of the snow-covered roof, you’ll slide off.

    You can them walk along until you’re above the window a meter or so from the balcony – it’ll look like you’re in mid air, but you’ll stay on – and jump the last meter or so onto the balcony (your invisible support runs out a bit less than a jump length from the balcony).

    • leonae

      Perfectly works for me. TY

  • gragestr

    5 – 142, 689 Kingsmouth: Morninglight encampment.
    Found at secret world wiki

  • Sepp

    Lore 5

    Is where I found it, but my cords aren’t spot on

  • Meagan

    ok i had the same prob with lore # 2 supposedly at the tent in london.. i went back to NY and found that lore number 2 was the one behind the tent in the park 🙂 hope this helps