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The Secret World Lore Locations – Dungeon – The Slaughterhouse
The Secret World Lore Locations – Dungeon – The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse Lore Locations

View the complete Map of  ’Slaughterhouse’ Lore Locations in The Secret World

Below is a list of all the locations to complete ‘The Slaughterhouse’ Lore Entries in The Secret World

Category Entry Zone Coordinates Notes
Slaughterhouse 1 Slaughterhouse 187,303 Entry Room
Slaughterhouse 2 Slaughterhouse 184,375 After First Boss
Slaughterhouse 3 Slaughterhouse 155,381 Next to Anima Well
Slaughterhouse 4 Slaughterhouse 241,271 Blood Stock Room
Slaughterhouse 5 Slaughterhouse 241,169  Around Corner just inside boss room
Slaughterhouse 6 Slaughterhouse 227,297 Behind a Truck
Slaughterhouse 7 Slaughterhouse 292,207  In Side-room
Slaughterhouse 8 Slaughterhouse 333,195 Behind Bloody Goo
Slaughterhouse 9 Slaughterhouse 191,370
Slaughterhouse 10 Slaughterhouse 283,211

This is a work in progress – If you see an error or have more information on any individual location, please fill out the comments section below!

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