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The Secret World Lore Locations – Dungeon – Polaris
The Secret World Lore Locations – Dungeon – Polaris

Polaris Lore Locations

View the complete Map of  ’Polaris’ Lore Locations in The Secret World

Polaris Dungeon Guide can be found here.

Below is a list of all the locations to complete ‘Polaris’ Lore Entries in The Secret World

Category Entry Zone Coordinates Notes
Polaris 1 Polaris 55, 247  Docks
 Polaris 2 Polaris  187, 231 Mob hiding under stairs after first boss
 Polaris 3 Polaris 291, 311 Varangian Combat Area
 Polaris 4 Polaris 317, 192 How to Open Crate, Lore
 Polaris 5 Polaris 451, 193 Right after the Primordial Dweller

This is a work in progress – If you see an error or have more information on any individual location, please fill out the comments section below!

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  • TwistedSeven

    the crate can be opened by failing 3 times, so any random number is ok ^^,

  • Volaric

    Within the dungeon, there is a locked container. To open the container, put in any random numbers 3 times.On the third time, hit OK and the probe will unlock.

  • Camulorix

    I cant find Lore 2! can anyone help please

    • Volaric

      You need to kill the Enemy at the marked location. When it dies, the lore will appear on its corpse

  • The crate doesn’t open after 3 random numbers anymore…

  • OneMember

    Anyone know the code for the 4th entry? The bug where it opened after 3 random try has been fixed.

    • LadyC

      As of May 2014, enter the last 4 digits of the shipping container number (found on the outside of the container) 3 times.

  • The Magister

    The 4th Lore can’t be accessed by using 3 random codes anymore. It’s either bugged or they changed it

    • I’ll try to figure out what it has been changed to. Thanks!

  • Val

    Crate wont open anymore. Tried various methods, solo’d my way in on normal and hit all sorts of numbers into it for quite some time and it will not open

  • Spiderbaby

    Polaris Lore #4: The code for the crate is “5756”.