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The Secret World Lore Locations – Blue Mountain – The Franklin Mansion
The Secret World Lore Locations – Blue Mountain – The Franklin Mansion

The Franklin Mansion Lore Locations

Below is a list of all the locations to complete ‘The Franklin Mansion’ Lore Entries in The Secret World

Category Entry Zone Coordinates Notes
Franklin Mansion 1 Blue Mountain 818, 538 Edge of the Cliff
Franklin Mansion 2  Blue Mountain 877,7 Where Stream Enters Rock Wall
Franklin Mansion 3  Blue Mountain  558,345 Go Through The Broken Roof Access
Franklin Mansion 4 Blue Mountain  984, 534 Moon Bog
Franklin Mansion 5 1904 Instance 249, 419 Eleanor’s room
Franklin Mansion 6 1918 Instance 527, 820 In the Kitchen
Franklin Mansion 7  Blue Mountain  854, 201 Next to the Crypt
Franklin Mansion 8 1966 Instance 887, 327 Front Yard behind the tent
Franklin Mansion 9  Blue Mountain 612, 600 North Cave in the Quarry
Franklin Mansion 10 Blue Mountain 481, 110 Under the bridge

#2 Location Provided by Commenter LR
#3 Location Provided by Commenter Kratash
#7 Location Provided by Anonymous Commenter
#9 Location Provided by Commenter Kratash

This is a work in progress – If you see an error or have more information on any individual location, please fill out the comments section below!

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  • LR

    #2 IS AT 877,7 Where a stream enters a rock wall.

    • unfairco

      Thanks for the update!

  • kratash

    #3 Abandoned Factory 558,345 (go through the broken roof)

    • Thanks for the updates, just to verify, what zone?

  • kratash

    #9 Blue mountain 612,600 In the Quarry there is a cave in the north

  • Thanks everyone for the updates!

  • AnonymousComments

    Franklin Mansion Lore 7 is in Moon Bog at 984, 534

    • Mirality

      No, it’s not, because I have the lore at that location and it’s not #7. Not sure which one it was though.

  • I had a weird problem with Lore#3. I grabbed it, and apparently it not only doesn’t show in my lore section but it’s gone from the game as if I picked it up. Haven’t been able to get a GM or anyone to confirm or anything on it.

    • GMs are probably swamped since patches tend to break more then they fix these days! I hope they get it sorted out for you!

  • Zackan

    #3 is wrong, i just got it and it didnt update 3

    • zackan

      plz ignore, i just read comment 2 things below me

  • LED

    So what if you didn’t grab a lore in one of the past instances? I didn’t grab entry 8 when I did the mission.

    • Volaric

      You can run the mission again and pick it up

  • Guest

    can write pls from what missions get the lore’s instance ? no ideea what instance missions are, thx

    • Volaric

      It’s given by Elenore Franklin, the one that has you go up to the attic and time travel through the mirror. Can’t think of the name off the top of my head

  • Tzu

    pls update #10, 7, 6, 5, 4, are posted on FB

    • Volaric

      Done, Thanks for submitting so much lore over the last few weeks/months, we really appreciate it =)

  • Amari

    Lore #7 is actually at 854,201 – #3 and #7 are probably swapped in your list. If it wasn’t like this from launch, Funcom might have changed the locations for easier access to #7 due to the Halloween mission: #7 contains information related to the mission, and next to the Devore Crypt (don’t name it “pool house”, please) it is accessible for everyone, while in the Moon Bog it was not.

    • Volaric

      Updated (And no longer a pool house), Thank you

  • Location #4 & #7 have been swapped around. You can update the list.

    • Volaric

      Updated, Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Lore #4 and #7 have swapped locations.

  • Luxy

    There’s no tent in the front yard anymore, hence no lore #8 🙁 Also lore #3 is not at 558,345 anymore.

    • Oscar Mattsson

      In 1966 there was a tent there. 😉