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The Secret World Lore Locations – Blue Mountain – Blue Ridge Mining
The Secret World Lore Locations – Blue Mountain – Blue Ridge Mining

Blue Ridge Mining Lore Locations

Below is a list of all the locations to complete ‘Blue Ridge Mining’ Lore Entries in The Secret World

Category Entry Zone Coordinates Notes
Blue Ridge Mining 1  Blue Mountain 503, 528 Jump down from above
Blue Ridge Mining 2 Blue Mountain 470, 575 Cliff
Blue Ridge Mining 3  Blue Mountain 520, 596  Mine Entrance
Blue Ridge Mining 4 Blue Mountain 512, 591 Roof of Mine Entrance
Blue Ridge Mining 5 Blue Mountain 535, 600 Top of the Mines
Blue Ridge Mining 6 Blue Mountain 564, 604 Top of the Mines
Blue Ridge Mining 7  Blue Mountain 838, 278 Attic of Franklin Mansion
Blue Ridge Mining 8 Instanced 400, 228 Left turn when you zone in
Blue Ridge Mining 9 Instanced  178, 195 Passage to left of the elevator
Blue Ridge Mining 10 Instanced 242, 164 Behind the rocks
Blue Ridge Mining 11 Instanced  160, 247 Right turn when you zone in
Blue Ridge Mining 12 Instanced 216, 165 Next to Jimmy Rigby’s corpse

This is a work in progress – If you see an error or have more information on any individual location, please fill out the comments section below!

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  • Chary

    Drat, you guys are missing the same 2 I am!

  • Tokyo

    503, 528 – Blue Ridge Mountain, Lore 1

  • Halleaon

    Lore 2 is at 480-556 on top of a rock, hard to get to but doable, there’ sa small nearly flat rock on the side of the rock face nearest the mine next to a tree, stand on the edge and spring jump and you can make it up.

    • Lakh

      I found I actually needed to jump from slightly to the left of the rock, rather than actually on it. Aiming for the lowest point in the cliff above. But yeah, just as Halleaon’s describing.

      • They may have moved it. I jumped up to where it used to be and it’s not there anymore. However, if you go up those wooden stairs and around to the right there is one that didn’t used to be there. I wasn’t able to get to it but will try again when I have a faster sprint.

        • Paul Stammers

          Yes, this is the new location for #2. 469, 574.
          It is indeed up the wooden stairs, past a broodmark on the left.
          I managed to jump over to it with Sprint III (the blue one)

        • Fyrekat

          Didn’t find any stairs, but it’s up on the side of the cliff, above the mine. Can be jumped to from the ledge near it.

  • any chance of a screenshot of where you jump from, still finding this impossible for myself

  • Exodus

    Yeah, this is a hard one. First Lore item I havent been able to reach after a try or two, plus the mobs aren’t helping. Would love a screenshot or a vid clip of how you folks are reaching this…

  • Franky

    You see, most of these videos is from Beta, where they could jump abit higher than you can in the released game 🙁

    • the one i posted 3 days ago was recorded 3 days ago in the live non-beta game.

  • This technique worked for me

  • Zorelo

    How to get into the mine? which quest was it?

  • Marbas

    #2 is now at Pos: 469.5, 574.7, y 188.6

  • Tzu

    that lore #2 was bit tricky like the one from London lol

  • Tzu

    update lore’s pls, are on FB

    • Volaric

      I added a few more that I forgot to do earlier. Let me know if I missed anything.

  • Miku

    for Lore #2

    Do a sprint jump from 463 577