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The Secret World: Hell Fallen Dungeon / Boss Guide
The Secret World: Hell Fallen Dungeon / Boss Guide

Considering adding a stupidity Blacklist somewhere on the site where we (and you!) can write us stories of terrible players doing terrible things.  Inclue character name + Screenshot (optional) + video (if you happen to record it) and we’ll post it somewhere.  Anyone interested? Let us know in the comments below!

First Boss: The Archaeomachinist

HP: 77,964

He will drop laser turrets onto the floor.  DPS them down ASAP to avoid potential damage later.  If your group is smart enough to avoid them completely, just focus the boss while dodging the red beam they have.  Dodging it is important not only because it will hurt you, but also because it will heal the boss.  He will only drop 5 during the entire fight.  Most groups will kill him well before then.

At around 50% hp he will call in Fire Support.  He throws an orb onto the floor.  Shortly afterwards a row of bad red circles appear.  Stay out of them or else you risk certain death.  When one round finishes, the circles will despawn and come back in a new location.  Keep dodging and you will be fine.


<Video Guide Coming soon>

Second Boss: Arch Myrmidon

HP: 58,473

This guy comes with friends at the beginning of the fight.  They need to die first because they put a barrier up on the boss that makes him absorb damage.

This is a dps check fight in the sense that you have a time limit to kill the boss.  This is the pillars in the arena that begin spewing green smoke on either side of the area, and move inward as time passes.  Noone should stand in the smoke and everyone needs to move in towards the safe zones until you either fail the dps check, or kill the boss.

<Video Guide Coming soon>

Third Boss: Engine Tyrant Prime & Alpha

HP: 70,168 each

This is a three phase encounter.

Phase 1: Engine Tyrant Prime + 2 Adds

Each add has approximately 21k hp.  They need to die first.  Reason being they are a source of damage that you can quickly get rid of, and they will heal the Engine Tyrants if left alone.  During the fight, red targetting circles will appear in the combat area and begin chasing players.  These should be avoided at all costs.  They will deal approximately 2k damage if you get hit by them.  Just make sure to not train them onto your fellow group members and you will do fine.  Once the adds are dead, you will only have to worry about Engine Tyrant Prime until he shields, signaling the start of phase 2.  The death of the adds marks the end of the red targeting circles.

Phase 2: Alternating Engine Tyrants

The first Engine Tyrant will shield himself, making him immune to all damage.  When this happens, the second Engine Tyrant will join the fight.  You fight him exactly as you did the first one until he too, puts up a red immunity shield.  Depending on your groups DPS, they may switch a few times, or not at all.  The shield will keep alternating until you kill one of the Tyrants.  When one dies, it signals the start of Phase 3.

Phase 3: Engine Tyrant + 2 Adds

Phase 3 brings 2 adds back into the fight, and with them come the red targeting circles.  Ignore the adds and just burn down the remaining Tyrant.  He will do a soft enrage at the sight of his fallen partner, so damage output is increased during this phase.

<Video Guide Coming soon>

Fourth Boss: The Executrix

HP: 97,455

3 waves of adds –> Bombardment –>2 waves of adds –>Bombardment –>Boss–>Boss + adds

When you first begin, run to the door on the left side where adds spawn.  This fight test the tanks ability to get and hold aggro of things.  You will have to fight 3 waves of monsters.  AFter the 3rd wave dies, a glowing orb will fall into the room and red targeting circles will begin to appear everywhere.  You could act like a headless chicken and run around aimlessly, or you can be smart and just move 3 steps to be out of the circle, let it go off, wait for new round of circles and move 3 steps again.  Less movement = less chance of ankles getting caught and killing you.

Once that is over, 2 more groups of adds will come out of the same doorway.  After they die, the boss will descend into the area.  She is easy and doesn’t hit to hard.  The tank should try to move her as close to the doorway as possible because she will re-animate the dead monsters.  AoE them down while still smacking the boss.  Additionally, she will cast AoE spells in the area, just dodge them.  You should be good at dodging circles by now.


<Video Guide Coming soon>

Fifth Boss: Iron Catastrophe, Molten Xenolith, Primitive Melt

HP: 87,710 each

You are up against three Molten Golems, the Iron Catastrophe, Molten Xenolith, & Primitive melt.  They activate and join the battle based on pre-set timers.  You start out fighting the Iron Catastrophe.  The Molten Xenolith will join in @ 25 seconds into the fight, and the Primitive Melt will join the party at 1:25 into the fight.  All three have the same abilities and health pool (Not shared health pool, just same hp).

There are 2 main mechanics in this fight.  Well, 1 really but yeah…  #1) They have a frontal Column attack that you must dodge.  #2) They will cast eruption.  When this occurs, they are immune to damage, stop moving and start spilling lava.  It begins at their body and steadily moves outward a great distance.  In case you weren’t away, Lava = Bad. (You’d be amazed how many times we’ve had randoms run into the lava during runs… facepalm).  If you have more than 1 active at a time, they will stagger casting this so you’ll get to fight them 1 at a time for a while with some minor overlap.  Keep dpsing them down 1 at a time while dodging lava and AoE abilities and you’ll be fine.

<Video Guide Coming soon>

Final / Last Boss: The Ascendant

HP: 146,183

First you will have to kill 3 adds.  No big deal, just grab them and kill them.  Next you will have to kill 5 at once.  Alright, same thing.  Tank them and kill them.  The Wicker will toss you a heal every once in a while.  When all the adds are dead, The evil voice in the sky will Ascend one of the former adds, making it grow in both size and power.  Start the fight by taking him to the left side of the room (when facing the open wall where the Wicker is battling the evil force).

During the fight, you will get sandstorms.  When one occurs, you need to be against the far left or right wall, or else the sand will basically eat you alive.  The first one appears while you are killing the starter trash, and it will continue for the rest of the fight.

The boss will line one of the outer side walls with electricity bombs.  You need to be on the opposite side of the room when this happens.  These always start on the right hand side of the room, then alternate sides.

Last ability you need to be aware of is a gigantic frontal column attack.  Just stay out of the white marker on the floor and you’ll be fine.  When the boss reaches 10-20k hp, he will summon 3 adds.  This is usually where groups fail.  The tank needs to pick these up before they ravage the healer and rest of the group.  Most groups I have seen have had the tank scramble to pick them up while everyone just zergs down the boss, ignoring adds.

<Video Guide Coming soon>


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  • Compltely in favor of the Stupidity Blacklist. I shudder to think that I may end up on it someday myself, but still, would be funny!

  • lol, COMPLETELY*

  • Mariwanna

    YES! Start the list lol

  • Gaias-Fist

    However,be careful who you choose and make sure the guy you blacklist is an assistant unwilling to learn opposed to a newbie trying his best and learning from the experience. But otherwise….yes

  • Gaias-Fist

    LOL I meant ass, not assistant

  • Voqar

    Why do I have threat problems with the last boss in HF when I never have threat problems anywhere else and didn’t have threat probs with this group thru the rest of HF? (Running blue +attack major same QL as tanking gear) Was driving me crazy last night. We thought there was a threat wipe or something it was so bad. Even with two majors (70/30..shoulda been overkill) it was screwy.