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The Secret World: Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 12 Solution
The Secret World: Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 12 Solution

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Tier 12 of the Dawning of an Endless Night Story Quest in The Secret World

For the 12th tier of the Dawning of an Endless Night quest, you need to go to the Franklin Mansion in the Blue Mountain zone. In the house, Franklin’s wife will talk to you for a while and you will be sent off to Search the House for Edward Franklin’s notes. The first step is to go up to the second floor and click on the Knight Painting.

Ed Franklin will spawn an tell you something about “Death”. This is your clue to direct you towards the next painting.  Now its time to look for a painting with a skull on it.

When you click on the skull, Ed will appear again and tell you something about “Angels”. Head downstairs and look for the painting that has an angel in it. It’s at the base of the stairs. You need to click directly on the angels wings.

After clicking on the angel wings, Ed will once more spawn and this time speak of Redemption. Look for a Painting nearby with the word “Redemption”. Click on the Word Redemption and a Secret Passage will open. When you are inside, click on the oil lamps, and then open the box.

When you open the box, you will receive a note. Read it and click on the loose book in the bookcase to leave the secret room.

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  • lapin

    how do we even go to blue mountain zone anyway?

    • LaraM3

      U can get there via the top left corner exit from savage coast

  • mdk99

    the second painting is actually on the same floor not downstairs