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The Secret World: Consecration Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Consecration Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Consecration Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Khalid's Diary - (435,635)   The Secret World: Consecration Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Consecration Guide / Solution8,330

Best done in Conjunction with “The Unburnt Bush“, “Scattered to the Wind“, & “Moving Mountains, Rising Sands

Tier 1: Collect Desert Rose, Firestone, & Dirt From a Grave

The Desert rose can be found @ (366,610)

The Firestone can be found @ (494,642)

The Old Roman Grave for the dirt can be found @ (266,582)

Tier 2:

Primus Ordo Vitus may or may not spawn after you collect the dirt.  I honestly do not remember if someone trained him onto us or if he poped up when we clicked the dirt.  Tell me what it was in the comments below.

Once you have all three objects, head to the Ancient Altar @ (362,610) to summon a spirit.  Once summoned, it will start floating away. Follow it.

It will lead you to a dark cave @ (400,550).  When you investigate it, the mission ends.


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  • BunE22

    Yes, Primus Ordo Vitus pops when you click the grave. He was a bit buggy, I think. He was in a shower of white and my attacks did nothing but he also didn’t attack me. Then I got in his face, went to his side, he turned and started attacking and I killed him. So I don’t know if he’s invulnerable until the white shower stops, or if there was a glitch with his line of sight to me until I got closer. (Playing AR)