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The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 10 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 10 Guide / Solution

Tier 10: Kneel Before the Effigy, or Confront it

At the End I chose to Confront it.

Here you can either choose to Confront the Effigy, or Kneel before it.  Since it insulted me the entire way through this place, I shot it in the face.  Below is the cinematic I got.

For Illuminati, the next mission is Mainframe, You can find the guide here.

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  • Deathkitten

    Please anyone what happens if you kneel? I can’t find anything in

    I kind of want to try playing an ‘evil’ character but at the same time,
    well… It is kind of illogical and not so much as self-interest but
    self-dstruction when it’s so clearly about destroying the world, and
    because I was worried about being penalised OOC even if IC my character
    *might* have agreed to it (but then again maybe not since fairly
    obviously anyone serving them gets destroyed in some way and replaced)

    • Volaric

      You get a different message/cut-scene here and you get slightly different text during the cut-scene at the end of the Transylvania section of the Main Story Mission.

  • Deathkitten

    I can’t see my comment is it moderation or something? If so there should probably be some kind of warning

    • Volaric

      Your comment is here. The only comments that are moderated are ones that contain links. We utilize page caching on the website to save the server from dying a horrible horrible death. You just need to wait a few minutes to get a newer version of the site so to speak.

  • backpackback

    I knelt. he said “we accept your humility and grant you a second chance”.. not exciting, I feel like I shoulda killed the watcher.