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The Secret World: Ami Legend Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Ami Legend Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Ami Legend Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Red (153,869)   The Secret World: Ami Legend Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Ami Legend Guide / Solution20,000

Tier 1: Kill 5 Ak’ab Stalkers

I recommend that you pick up the quest The Light that Blinds and do it at the same time as this one, since the stalkers and feathers from the other quest are found in the same place.  Writeup for it can be found here.  Your first task is to kill 5 Ak’ab Stalkers.  They are found around the sides and behind the shop where you began the quest.  Killing them should be no trouble, if it is, I would recommend coming back later as it doesn’t get any easier as you progress.

Tier 2: Follow the Trail and Stop the Attacking Ak’ab

Once you’ve killed the 5 stalkers needed, it’s time to move up to where they are spawning and put an end to them.  Follow the trail north until you reach the circle marked on your map.

When you arrive, you will have to fight off wave after wave of Tenebrous Brood Invaders.  Eventually a Tenebrous Brood Ravager will come out.  Kill it in order to advance to Tier 3.

Tier 3: Find an Ak’ab Nest

Tier 3 is super simple, all it involves is you walking up to the marked location and “discovering” the Ak’ab Nest.

Tier 4: Enter the Cave

Much like Tier 3, all you need to do is walk up to the Lair and Enter it in order to advance the Mission to Tier 4.

Tier 5: Escort Amy as She Searches the Cave

Welcome to the meat and potatoes of the mission.  Inside the cave you will find that Ami has appeared and is waiting for you.  It is your job to escort her to the source of the Ak’ab at the end of the cave system.  Right when you enter, you have a chance to grab a quest that is only avaliable inside this instance.  Go ahead and grab it.  The write-up for it can be found here.  All you need to do is click on the corpses as you pass them while working through the solo instance.

Keep killing things and making your way forward.  Eventually you will find yourself in this room.  Walk up to the center and Ami will start to do her thing, working on destroying the nest.  While she does this, you must fight off wave after wave of enemies that are trying to protect their nest.

After enough waves, the nest will go boom and you will be free to leave.  Be aware, however, that there will be new spawns in side-rooms as you exit, so be careful not to move too fast or you may get swamped by the spawns.


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  • Bill

    you forgot to mention the Wabanaki lore inside this instance.

  • Michael

    This quest is total bullshit. The waves at the end are so overpowered, and you can’t even heal between waves. I say just grab the lore and run