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The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution
The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution Kingsmouth Town Ellis Hill - (897,705)   The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution   |   The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution15,000

The quest begins at the Airport from the questionable gentleman.

The first thing you must find is the radio antenna. This is found up the runway partially between the questgiver and the highlighted area. You will then find the requested serial number at the base of the antenna.

Next you are asked to “Source the components to repair the mast”. In order to do this, there are 11 possible items that are found within the shaded quest area. These 11 are ; a soda can, vacuum tube, flare gun, wire hanger, shovel, duct tape, scrap parts, handheld radio, battery, fuel can, and a handheld tape recorder. Β When you have everything, head to the Mast and repair it.

When the Mast is repaired, you will get a signal is Morse code. You can use programs such as Audacity and Morse Code translators to find the meaning, or you can just take a look at the answer. The message being sent is “Drop Location 712536” Throw an extra comma in there and you get “Drop Location 712, 536” Use these as coordinates to figure out where to head to next.

When you reach the Dropzone, you will come across a couple of Mercenaries. Take them out and proceed to inspect the crate that the Helicopter dropped. When you inspect it, a Quarantine Beast will pop out. Take it out and collect your reward.

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  • PyroHappy

    Dont open the crate until you have fully regen…..

  • SuziQ

    Just so’s folk know, you DON’T need to pick up all 11 objects (and in fact it has recently been changed to not count it if you have any excess components), so you need to pick the correct ones and the correct ones alone.

    The point of looking at the serial numbers is to prompt you to look up the Oriochi Group website to find the link to the Manticore site – – where you can navigate to the Products page and input a serial number to find out more about the product, in this case: “The Cyclone series is specifically designed for remote area
    installation and maintenance. No cranes are needed, sections are
    lightweight, and provisional repairs can be carried out without recourse
    to specialized parts and labour. Primary components: brackets, anchors,
    antennas, lightning arrestors. Provisional repair materials: household
    adhesives, conductors and amplifiers.”

    This indicates that you only need THREE items: adhesive (duct tape), conductors (wire hanger), and amplifiers (vacuum tube).

  • TCO

    Actually you should enter the serial number (3881999) here: πŸ˜‰